Monday, April 14, 2014

Lemonade Days Dunwoody

Rides, Games, Live Music, Food, Friends

Lemonade Days, a Dunwoody spring tradition, is back.  The event web site is HERE.  As a parent and veteran of the Lemonade days scene here are some tips:

Wednesday and Thursday:  This is the BEST time to take your younger kids and enjoy the rides.  The crowds are smaller yet the place is open 100%.  Avoid lines and have lots of fun.  We say it every year - go early and get more time on the rides.

Friday and Saturday night:  Best time to go and see the latest tween/teen fashion.  Lots of 11-15 year old kids on site, enjoying food, rides, and each other's company.  With Peachtree Middle school next door this school is well represented.  Of course the kids from St Jude, St. Martin, Marist, Mount Vernon, Holy I., etc are there as well.  It's like elementary school reunion weekend.  You'll see some high schoolers on the weekend nights but not many.  Long lines for the bigger rides.  Although it's crowded with lots of teens I've never seen any fights or bad behavior (the occasional cutting in line).  The event is attended by the Dunwoody Police and I consider the event safe and family friendly.  If you are 13 years old and want to mingle and show off that Seaside tan, this is your weekend.

Sunday afternoon:  Usually crowded, but manageable.  Earlier the better.

There will be live music all nights except Wednesday.  We are slightly disappointed the DPT staff did not seriously consider our offer to run the big tent as a BINGO hall.  See HERE for details.  Maybe 2015 we'll see BINGO at Lemonade Days. Or maybe a euchre tournament.


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