Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dunwoody 2014 Swim Schedule

Tuesday Nights in Dunwoody

The 2014 Summer Swim Schedule kicks off May 27, 2014.  

Deerfield Spalding Lakes: Sorry, we left this team off the original schedule.  This squad has kids from Brooke Farm, Waterford, and Deerfield East II. We did not have them on our radar but will scout the squad once practice starts.  Based on their season last year we predict a 2-3 season with wins over Zaban and Wynterhall.

Dunwoody North: No home meets.  We believe this has something to do with the height of their starting blocks and the depth of their pool. No extra concession stand revenue and five Tuesday nights in the car.

Fontainebleu: Tough schedule.  Hard to find a win, perhaps Week 5.

Georgetown: Undefeated last season so their 2014 schedule is much tougher.  They start with perennial powerhouse Vermack then SuperClub team Garden Hills, followed by The Branches.  

Kingsley:  Looks like a 3-2 season.  Will Princess Comet and Captain Kingsley show up in thong swim suits?

Mill Glen: Great season last year, and like Georgetown face bigger teams this summer.  

Redfield: An easier schedule than years past, look for the Sun Devils to go 4-1 or 5-0

The Branches:  Big Week 1 opponent in Mill Glen. Looks like 4-1 on the season

Vermack:  As usual, a tough schedule.  We predict 4-1.  We'd like to see them face  The Branches.  The Week 1 meet is the championship matchup we wanted last season.

Village Mill:  Great group of swimmers here. 3-2 season

Wynterhall:  Our favorite place for a swim meet.  The nicest people.  Bless their hearts.  Should get a win in Week 1.  2-3 on the season

Zaban:  Nice facility, one of the smaller swim teams in the group.  1-4

This season preview is brought to you by Village Burger, the official burger joint of DunwoodyTalk.  Tuesday nights the VB will be open late so stop in and have some spicy fries and a cold drink.

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