Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DeKalb County Sanitation Pilot Program with Robotic Arm

DeKalb County GA's Sanitation Department has launched a new pilot program that will incorporate "semi-automated" and "automated" technologies into the trash pick-up program.  A DunwoodyTalk staffer is part of this pilot program and had a chance to meet one of the stars of the program.

DeKalb's Newest Employee, R2LeeMay2
Participants in the pilot program will receive a 65-gallon trash can.  The can is to be placed a certain way, facing the street.  A garbage truck will come by (no driver in the truck, controlled remotely by a drone), and the robot above will scoop up the 65-gallon can with one hand (gracefully holding onto the back of the truck with his other hand), dump the trash, then place the can back on the ground.

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