Sunday, April 6, 2014

Championship Game to become new Dunwoody City Manager Set

GaryRayBetz versus Danny911Ross

GRB punched the time clock early Saturday to head over to outdoor court at the Donaldson-Chesnut-Spruill-Redfield-Major Dunwoody farm house wedding reception center abandoned park outdoor court for his game against Danny911Ross.  GRB placed 4th in the last mayoral election, slightly behind Gordon Jackson.  In an interview with DunwoodyTalk cub reporter Bonnie Hunt, GRB said, "I love drama more than victory.  But only Crown Royal is sweeter than victory."

Danny rolled up in the Lemonade Days Limo, coat slung over his shoulder ever so slightly, sipping sweet tea mixed with a little Louisiana moon shine.  "I feel good about tonight's game.  I want to bring back glory to District 2, and to the city at large."

Two street-ballers, one form Chicago, the other from the streets of Ruston, Louisiana.  The outdoor court at the FarmHouse Jr. played into Ross' favor.  The Dunwooy Red Hat Women's Club, the DPT posse, the bridge players of Greater Dunwoody, and many outed tournament members were on the Ross sideline.  "Even though he beat me last round, I gotta pull for Danny911," said StayHarris.  Heyward, Danny's last opponent, commented, "If anyone can get this CAD thing behind us, it's Danny911Ross. Plus, I'd like to see that Music Hall of Fame issue come back up."

One fan base Danny911 thought was a lock was the Lemonade Days crew.  After all, Danny911 helped put that teen-fest on the map.  While some of the Lemonade Days execs with the ironed T-shirts were in Danny's corner, every one of the workers, aka the Carny Crowd, were pulling for GRB.  "It's common knowledge among us Carny folk that GRB is one of us.  Hell, I heard he ran Big Eli for Modern Midways for 10 season in a row."  "GRB is legend on the '30',  Lincoln Highway.  The guy can call 'em in."

It was quite the sight to look over behind GRB's bench and see so many living legends all in one place: Chip, I'm Just Sayin', TheOther Dunwoody, DP Groupie, SDOC, Farmer Bob, all rallying behind Blogger League representative GRB.  In the end GaryRayBetz pulled out the victory, advancing to the March City Manager Madness final game.

Norb versus Captain Kingsley
It seemed as nearly every Kingsley student held off leaving for Spring Break until this game ended.  "We love captain Kingsley," gleamed a young first grader.  The staff of Kingsley also showed up, as did a rolling keg of Sweetwater, apparently from the Kingsley Swim & Tennis social fund.  "If you do the research, the Captain Kingsley costume has its roots in a socialist and/or communist territory," said Norb, the SaveDunwoodyPac8 representative. "It's quite obvious the red color in his costume is the same hue as the red in China.  And that blue is identical to the United Nations blue color.  These kids are being brainwashed and would be better served home-schooled."

Prior to the game a huge announcement was made regarding Captain Kingsley.  Capt. K added a partner, Princess Comet.  See HERE.

"Twice the fun, twice the dedication," said captain Kinglsey.  "The only thing better than one city manager is two city managers."

Norb just shrugged it off.  "Us SaveDunwoody folks have constantly faced harsh opposition, and we still prevail, defeating the establishment.  With MengHouseTony back to Connecticut, I am back in full command here.  Please be sure to read my blog, linked on the right side column at the fine DunwoodyTalk blog."

In a battle of leaders, it was Team/Captain Kinglsey edging out Norb.  "Don't worry about me, I'll still be around," said Norb.

Captain Kingsley did a victory walk with Princess Comet, well ahead of the scheduled Wednesday walk.  "One more person to defeat, and this city is MINE!"

The championship game will have a special guest referee in Dick Williams.  Dick was a high school referee for many years here in Georgia.  "Like in print, I am fair and unbiased on the court.  Even when I reffed a St Pius game, I refrained from giving them too many good calls.  

guest referee

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GaryRayBetz said...

Just so folks don't go thinking that I'm not a humble and gracious victor, I tried to call my esteemed opponent, Danny Ross, to congratulate him for being such a honorable, albeit fierce, competitor, but with each attempt I was repeatedly placed on hold for approximately 4 minutes and 33 seconds, asked multiple times to repeat my address, explain what my problem was ("I have no problem!, I explained - "This is just an amicable call, chief!"), and then when I was placed in the Danny Ross queue, I was never given instructions in how to address the former-Councilman, so when I was finally connected to the good man, I guess with my inquiry of "Your Highness?", he assumed it to be some smart-ass making a crank call, and hung up.

So, I'll communicate my good wishes here, "Well played, sir, well played. The community is very lucky to have a vigilant citizen like you."

And well done with all this, Mister Dunwoody Talk, I even had a couple Chicago pals of mine, Fast Eddie and Jack Sweaty Boy, read your recent series of tournament posts, and their assessment ranged from - "Funny stuff!" to "Thanks for the read, buddy, it gave me something to do while I was throwing one into the old lady." High praise from men honed in the South-side Chicago vernacular of the Back of the Yards proletariat - the nation's most vulgar and derisive lexicon.

"Destiny stands by sarcastic with our dramatic personae folded in her hand." - Mary Ann Evans