Monday, March 3, 2014

Will Dunwoody Village be Open 24 Hours a Day?

The Walgreens in Dunwoody Village wants to extend its hours to 24 hours-a-day.  The retail shop would be open all night, but the pharmacy would not be open 24 hours a day.  The Wal-mart on Ashford Dunwoody Road was prevented (by a condition of zoning) from being a 24-Hour supercenter.

There is nothing (legally) stopping Walgreens from opening 24 hours a day.  Based on research by a top-notch DHA investigator, there is nothing in the city's code of ordinances limiting hours of operation.  There are state laws restricting alcohol sales (yes, our Walgreens has beer and wine) and we have a noise ordinance, but nothing that can stop Walgreens from going 24 hours a day.

When State Farm opens its call centers and offices in Dunwoody there will be shift workers around the clock. Jake may need to pick up some items before going home.

I think there will be a demand for a few 'open 24 hours' establishments in the Perimeter area in a year or so.  But what about Dunwoody Village?  If Walgreens proceeds with the plan to open 24 hours day, does the CVS follow?  How about the BP gas station or the massage parlor on Chamblee Dunwoody Road?  A 24 hour diner?  Currently Dunwoody's Main Street area turns into a ghost town after midnight during the week.  

Do you favor having Dunwoody Village businesses open 24 hours day? 


Anonymous said...

The Gas Station across from the Perimeter Mall is open 24 a hours a day. In ten years here I had to make a run there in the middle of the night once for cough syrup.

Hector Danois said...

Krogers around Dunwoody used to open 24hrs and they sold beer, wine, cigarettes, knifes, etc. I don't understand your concern. The companies would know if the can sustain stores open 24hrs.

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah. Access to kiddie Advil at 3:00 in morning would be very appreciated for those of us without prep-er stocked medicine cabinets.