Sunday, March 30, 2014

Upset Alert in March City Manager Madness

We officially have our own Valparaiso!  Captain Kingsley defeated DunwoodyTalk today, sending the host to the sidelines.  "Much of our defense is in watching the eyes of our opponents.  That mask of his shadowed his eyes a good bit.  DT was at a true disadvantage on the court today," complained a Dunwoody Talk editor.  "And he had his sidekick Princess Comet beside our bench shaking her pom poms.   It was quite distracting to say the least."
Captain Kingsley said, "I've never been late to school and I wear a cape!"  

Capt Kingsley and Princess Comet on parade after today's victory
KennyHizHonorRight was knocked off by Sustainable Pattie, setting up a showdown with fellow do-gooder Captain Kingsley. SP took advantage of her speed, rarely taking more than 20 seconds per possession.  "We play a hurry-up game, that's how Sustainable P rolls", boasted Pattie.  "Captain Crunch or whatever his name is better bring his 'A' game because I am on him like brown on quinoa."  KennyHizHonorRight was not available for comment but was seen tapping a keg over at Wyntercreek thirty minutes after the final buzzer.

MengHouseTony continues his tourney success with an old-fashioned whoopin' on JeanetteSmitty. "I am here to break up this insider network, to establish a new and improved insider network," said Tony from the Meng House press room.  "First BobbyDallasTX, then the elegant Smitty, next is my friend Norb."  
MengHouseTony at press conference following his victory

In the nightcap we saw two SaveDunwoodyPac8 powerhouses face off.  In the end it was Norb edging out @dwoodycommunity, thus ending the tournament's only outreach on Twitter.  "I applied the Delphi Technique on the court, convincing @dwoody that is was actually in his best interest to shoot the ball into my basket.  And to top it off, I then convinced him to sell his house and buy a 20% ownership in ChatComm.  I owned him today," bragged Norb.  "I don't know what happened today.  My game was off a bit, but Norb was doing this mind control garbage and I was tired from watching Anything Goes' late last night over at DHS.  And those chainsaws didn't help either," responded @dwoodycommunity.  (note: the game was played at Brook Run, thus the chainsaws).  "I'm not sure whom I want advancing between Norb and MengHouse, but I predict one of those two is our next city manager".


Anonymous said...

Captain Kingsley would like to quote on this race. "I am not here to take over the world ! Just the city of Dunwoody!"

Max said...

WE in the 'Too*' community are appalled at this chicanery, it mocks the very Charter on which these Games are held. Two's reserve the right to review ALL results and will defer to them to untold and unknown shot-callers in the General Assembly of coaches for a final, decision, knowing full well it will be both amazing and astounding.

OUR voice WILL be heard.

*Two cars, two kids, two jobs, too busy.

Anonymous said...

Captain crunch better bring his "A" game! Sustainable P will run the floor and dominate in the transition game.