Friday, March 28, 2014

Round 1 Update March City Manager Madness

FarmerBob makes a quick exit from the tournament.  The FarmHouzers are pleased there is no chance of an apartment-dweller becoming our next city manager.  SDOC used the HOME court advantage in her favor.  She faces a tough TheOtherDunwoody squad who made quick and easy work in a blowout win over Anonymous.

Chip had his hands full with DP Groupie.  The game went into 2 overtimes before Chip took control. The boys in blue surrounded the court in an intimidating fashion, but Chip shrugged it off.  Chip faces GaryRayBetz later this weekend as GRB cruised to a win over I'm Just Sayin'.  GRB was called for three technical fouls (4 is an automatic ejection) but managed to calm down once the cheerleaders stopped screaming.

Danny911Ross advances, but not without controversy. There was an issue with the game clock in the final seconds with Danny911 holding a 1 point lead.  Grossman scored as the buzzer sounded, but the clock suffered an error due to a CAD to Com to DeKalb transfer error, resulting in the referees adjusting the clock and taking away Grossman's baseline jumper.  "I told you that CAD ChatComm would be an issue" he laughed at Team Grossman.

StayHarris pulls the upset of the day.  The BP Posse crew pulled one of their double shifts yesterday, and the team looked very sluggish.  The BP Posse will reconvene this evening n the driveway of team captain AL-TD for a season-ending party.

Heyward took out crowd favorite in Team Wingate.  This game had controversy as well as Heyward illegal banners hanging all over the place/  "I couldn't see the hoop with all those banners" said Wingate.  

In the night cap, Witty took out GerriPen.  GerriPen went in to a 4-corner offense early (no shot clock) trying to slow Witty, but that backfired as GP seemed slow on the court in the 2nd half.  Witty was calm and relaxed all game and used his slight height advantage to get the win.



Chip said...

Look for a low-scoring defensive game between Team Chip and GRB. Multiple time-outs to go look up literary references, obscure allusions, and animadversions, galore.

Team Chip is concerned that a few cottonmouths or water moccasins may find their way onto the court.
While expecting some time off to recover from the DP game, Team Chip is off to get anti-venin shots as a precaution.

Team Chip will rely on a steady stream of consciousness play, trompe l'oeil renderings in the crowd scene, and roman a clef to distract GRB.

Hopefully, GRB will be distracted by the potato chips handed out by Farmer Bob and he'll forget the reason why he's on-the-court and not notice that time is running out!

Kerry de Vallette said...

Congrats to GRB on his "win". Not sure how he eluded the 4th technical foul as he was all "up and in the grill" of the head referee Ima Anonymous Poster. I think Rick had big money on GRB and reminded the ref where his paycheck was coming from....Just Sayin'.....

No doubt this match up between GRB and "Chip" will be a "sesquipedalian-palooza"! Oh, the humanity!!!

GaryRayBetz said...

Not really one one to talk smack before a fight or game, I just do my talking in the ring or court.

But I know y'all are curious as my training regiment, well, it's pretty much the result of the mentoring I received from the Jake LaMotta-like characters I knew when growing up in Chicago - "Hey, no sex before the big fight! Makes you tired and weak in the legs, kid, and reduces your testosterone. You have sex before a fight, little man, and it takes away your fire to succeed!" That's why those cheerleaders were so damn'd distracting.

But the training regiment is where the mentoring ends. I've not invited any of my Chicago cohorts to the game as I don't want them coming down here taking bets and charging an inordinate vig percentage, or upon seeing how much of a favorite I am over Chip, and insist I take a dive.

But like I said - I'll be talking on the court.