Saturday, March 29, 2014

Round 1 Complete March City Manager Madness

#1 Seed Norb was brutal against JDickson.  Norb used a full court press for four quarters, forcing many tunrovers.  Norb lived up to his top ranking in the Pac8 conference.  Norb face Twitter name @dwoodycommunity.  We have yet to see tweets on this action but we hope @dwoody can assist.  Team Henley put up a good battle but the youth of his opponent was too much.

MengHouseTony, like GRB yesterday, was called for three technical fouls, all in the first minute of the game.  But  he relaxed and focused on his jumphot, taking out local favorite AhaLady/Pebbles.  The MengHouse is partying tonight!  They face JeanetteSmitty next and expect to win that one as well.  Looks like the Pac8 regulars took care of the Pac8 fill-in team to guarantee a true SaveDunwoody Pac8 team in the Final Four.

Sustainable Pattie took out Joe Not in Seconder in  a tight match. The game was played on a bamboo court with an organic panda leather skin ball.  Some feel Joe's decision to bike to the game (held in Ashville, NC) was a mistake. SP faces HizHonor, an easy victor over ArtsFestivalLady.  Kenny moved the ball well and showed great teamwork.  Kenny showed his vertical with several dunks over ArtsFestivalLady, causing many in the audience to cringe as he was up 50 points and still throwing it down over her.

Capt Kingsley looked great over DJ Vermack.  We think that red-eye flight from Vegas hurt DJV's performance.  Capt Kingsley faces tournament host DunwoodyTalk as DT wins over Dad's Bucket List.  We sure hope becoming a city manager was no on Dad's list as it ain't gonna happen this year.


Chip said...

What's the line on the quarterfinal match ups?

Joe Seconder said...

I say there were some sweetheart backdoor deals with the Refs, & I'm waiting on my weekly Open Records Request to prove it. This network is just into ratings & double overtime for more commercials, which really is a tax increase! They're NOT listening to the people. I'm an omnivore & CONSUMER of food with no regrets in my loss. Somebody's gotta still feed me.

I'm calling out the APBL* into action after this loss, so watch out you gardeners. You just might get a bike lane built between your raised beds.

But, licking my wounds I ended up starting my vacation from Asheville, first sneaking into the still-being-built New Belgium Brewery, fueling up on some of their Rampant Imperial IPA -- which is a GREAT recovery beverage -- & then headed out riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Virginia... Ciao!

* APBL: All Powerful Bicycle Lobby, as declared by Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz

Danny said...

check this out…