Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dunwoody Senator Fran Millar Wins, Jason Carter Loses

The folks of 'Lakeside' get a win, as does Senator Fran Millar, as SB 270 passes the Georgia Senate.  Jason Carter walks out on the Lakeside city vote, then cries and complains about the process.  In the end Fran gives the young Dem a GA civics lesson. Carter spoke against the Bill and registered a NO vote with Recorder.

You can hear Fran HERE.  You can read Carter's response HERE.

From PATCH  
 Carter:  "There was no reason for the state Senate to take up this bill.  The only reason it was taken up was because it was a personal issue on behalf of one Senator.  It is 100% a pass because we had one Senator who wanted to see it and he happened to be Republican."
Senator Fran Millar

 Nice job, Senator Millar.


Anonymous said...

If Sen. Carter had been politically skilled, he would have supported this bill. In fact, if he had a clue, he would have supported this bill whole-heartedly and given a full body hug to Fran as he did so.

It is nutty for him to try to cozy up to the minority vote. Exactly where does he thing those votes are going to go? Surely he knows that he has only to have a (D) by his name to scoop up 95% of the African American vote. That will be true on election day no matter his position on Lakeside or any other city bill.

If he were smart, he would be trying to peel off as many independent and white democratic votes as possible. No democrat can win without those votes. An affluent, urbane Lakeside would provide a lovely backdrop for his campaign. He could capitalize on his acceptance by independence and bravery for going against his own party.
Instead, we saw how he kowtows to party leaders who want to maintain their corrupt power base. He is now locked out of support from the majority of independent and moderate Republican voters. Lakeside is the example of why he will lose the general election in a big way.

williams2353 said...

Umm.. what is SB 270?