Thursday, January 2, 2014

Save Dunwoody Needed to Assist Dunwoody Club Forest Homeowners?

Do we have a new controversy brewing in Dunwoody?  Take a look at Kerry's blog here:

At issue is tearing down a house, dividing the lot in two, and building two new homes. The new lots meet the 15,000 sq foot rule. Now that District  2 has a new representative on council perhaps Dunwoody Club Forest homeowners should contact him.  Also, will Save Dunwoody get involved? Surely trees will be cut, and deer will lose crucial rose bushes as a food source. Will we have requests for a bike lane in front of these newly zoned lots?

our sq footage differs from Kerry's number

It's a new year, and like clockwork, new issues. 


Bill Grossman said...

This teardown and replacement is expected to not need any variances or rezoning,so no public hearings. The recent code re-write made variances difficult to qualify for in situations like this. They cannot build on top of the pipeline easement, just landscaping on top of the easement. The house to be torn down sold for around 400K and the two replacements should each sell for twice that. There are smaller existing lots now in DCF than the two conforming lots that will be created. The developer does not have the room to put in the two 4000 sq.ft. homes originally planned and is working now to see what will fit the allowable building area. Expect front setback of 35' on the cul-de-sac and 50' on the other. No word yet on what exterior finish materials will be used. City staff is aware of the community interest in this redevelopment; but with no public hearings to slow down the process we might see ground disturbance within a month.

Ken Thompson said...

Your numbers make it a bit clearer there should be no alarm at what the developer proposes. Interesting to note that as it is today the current property is 50% larger (1.5 times the size) of the largest adjacent lot (assuming the Kerry figures for those) while after the split this now larger adjacent lot would only be 30% larger than the subdivided lot owned by the developer.

I don't frequent that neighborhood but if that cul de sac is like mine then two homes on this outsized lot will look no more cramped than the homes on the pie shaped lots in "bag end".

I DO love the satire in your post.

Anonymous said...

It is Dunwoody Club Forest's turn to experience bad codes passed by people who probably did not read it before approving!

How is being RULED instead of being governed working for them now?

Why are you challenging Save Dunwoody to do something? Let those folks get off their butts and get involved. Demand DHA get active again, or join Save Dunwoody and get active.

There is an election in another year and these folks have a chance to put out 3 Councilmen and a Mayor who voted for that bad zoning! Don't just sit there and wait for someone else to do it! Get involved. Less than 20% of the registered voters voted when Save Dunwoody put up 3 chandidates! Shame, Shame!

Keep in mind that the bloggers made sure they tore down the challengers, even posting obscene web pages on them that they either knew were false or did not bother to check out!

You get what you vote...or don't vote for! Suck it up! These folks did not join in and put up a fuss when Womack/Vermack area was targeted!

The Charter Commission has recommended to the Legislature language that allows the City to set up Special Tax Districts to cover our taking on Fire services. This gives more power to the same people who passed these zoning codes! Are the Dunwoody Club Forest residents going to get active to tell the the Legislature that we do not want that language in our Charter? Or are they just going to sit by and let the Council garner more power? It is up to them! They have a new Councilman from their District and they need to get him active on stopping these CHARTER REWRITES!

Also, keep in mind that Tom Taylor and Fran Millar both appeared before the Charter Commission to let the people know they were behind the Council...not the people. They too come up for election soon. Perhaps it is time to let them know that they need to represent the people and not the politicians!

PAY ATTENTION! The Charter revisions are more important than you realize!

Anonymous said...

a Simple comparison of two organizations

DHA vs. Save Dunwoody
Elected BOD vs. Norb Leahy & Jim Dixon
Open Public meetings vs. Invite only
membership vs. email list
proven community involvement vs. ???
Registered with the IRS vs. secret PAC
Submits tax returns vs. No Bank account
1970 vs. 2012
Constructive dialog vs. constructive complaining
uses legal council vs. what ever Jim & Norb say
physical address vs. web site

Anonymous said...

Anon. Jan. 6 6:21AM

Y A W N! You should try a little less caffeine, it seems to be adversely affecting your critical thinking skills.

The Charter Commission did not RE-Write the governing document for Dunwoody. In fact, only 10 suggestions were offered to the General Assembly for their review.

Your incorrect rhetoric is easily identifiable as either Tony Catchatori, Jim Dixon, or good ol' Jeannnnette. Keep yourself busy in the next year, spouting nonsense like this and you may end up with an ulcer.

Here is the link to the Charter Commission Final Report.

Anonymous said...

anom 1-6,
What happened to the private property rights that all of the Save Dunwoody candidates were spouting during the election?I guess private property rights take a back seat when you are a NIMBY
The code as written is fine. Could be stricter but that would be beyond what is the current norm in every municipality surrounding us.
The Two lots are legal, and will be built on if the development requirements can be met.
Get a real issue before you start the campaign.