Thursday, January 30, 2014

ICE Update

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the Adventures of Ice.  Please know there were a couple other buddies (without blogs) hauling people around as well.  I'm not sure if the Dunwoody Police ATV saw action or not.  All officers were probably in cars (warmer and safer).  Next time perhaps Chief Grogan can hand the keys to the ATV to someone willing to drive around and haul people.  I know Sandy Springs (much larger department) has a decent sized citizen volunteer program.  Maybe Chief can make the ATV posse honorary volunteers or something like that, allowing one to operate the DPD ATV.  This ATV may have seen action this week, perhaps in another part of the city.

Update:  I'm told that the DPD ATV was in service, delivering gas to motorists.  Nice work.

most popular routes on ATV during storm night

Spalding is a major east/west road in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, 2nd in volume to only Mt Vernon going E/W.  The difference is Spalding intersects Peachtree Dunwoody, home to the North Springs MARTA station.  The foot traffic on Spalding was incredible.  Add in two schools (St Jude and Woodland Elem) and you can see why so many people were walking this route.  Many people walking that night had no idea that just three years ago there was no sidewalk here.  Without that sidewalk Ice could not function and the people (I estimate 1,500 based on 150 per hour, with a peak around 8 PM) would have been in serious trouble.  Prior to the sidewalk there was a very, very narrow path.  The path was two feet wide at best in places, and on an incline.  Add in snow and ice and people would have been in the street - with the bumper to bumper cars.  Thanks again to Dunwody and Sandy Springs for the sidewalk on Spalding.  

Spalding, prior to sidewalk

Dunwoody ATV

two passengers to MARTA, they made it for the last train of the night.  Yes, it was tight hugs all the way, but all three of us flew down Peachtree Dunwoody Road on Ice.

The photo above is of two ladies I met on Spalding.  It was about 9:45 PM or so and they were trying to get to MARTA for the last southbound train.  They thought last train was 10:45 or so.  They made it home safely.  Both work at Exit 11 on GA 400.  They left their office by bus and after hours and hours made it to within a couple miles of the North Springs station (the last stop on the north line).  It's for workers like these two that many want the MARTA line to go much further up GA 400.

Many of Ice's passengers depend on MARTA bus service for transportation.  When buses stopped, people walked.  Another chunk of passengers were parent picking up kids at Woodland Elem, headed to apartments across GA 400.  About 20% of passengers were local, trying to get from one spot in Dunwoody to another.  

Only one passenger of the night was a bit tricky.  Picked him up at a local watering hole as the workers were closed but had no way to get him out of their business.  No cabs, the guy was too intoxicate to drive, and had he walked some kid would have found him frozen on the side of the road.  I took him from Dunwoody Village to the apartments at Peachtree Dunwoody & Spalding.  At first he was squeezing me so hard in fear of falling off that it seemed as Andre the Giant was giving me a bear hug.  Then he started to enjoy the ride - swaying back and forth, barely holding on to the rear metal gear rack.   After I dropped him off he tried to take few photos.  He smiled a bit, danced (and fell) a bit in the snow for some onlookers, then headed down the walkway to his unit. 

I really wish I had one of those GO Pro camera mounted on my head that night. One of those needs secured before the next big event. Perhaps by then Ice will be replaced by a new Bad Boy Buggie.  

A friend was telling me how some Mill Glen folks were helping cars on the slight grade on Roberts, timing it for a car at a time.  I saw those guys working late into the night.   I'm sure all over Dunwoody people helped people.  Maybe we need a new group - Dunwoody Saves

I saw trucks out last night throwing salt or sand.  I'm sure there will be a review (city services) to see what worked and what didn't work.


dpgroupie said...

I think DPD did use theirs, to deliver gas to drivers who ran out.

Momfirst said...

Who is Dunwoody News? I don't like them...they seem to always be cutting down, not building up. Strong dislike.

Bob Lundsten said...

And you got Kudos on the Georgia Gang as well
Good job, you and all of those who helped deserve a lot of credit and thanks.
I think Chip Bagman was out there too, but I can't be sure because I have no idea what he looks like.
Only kidding Chip
Don't be thin skinned