Thursday, January 2, 2014

Georgia Budget & Policy Institue Not Taxpayers Friend

Dunwoody Talk took note earlier in the week when Sen. Fran Millar posted this status on his Facebook page and on Twitter:

Now, Fran has been around for a long time so he must understand the positions they’ve (GBPI, Georgia Budget & Policy Institute) advocated for over the years.  He must know where they get their funding (liberal George Soros).  He has to be familiar with their political leanings (extreme left agenda).  After all, GBPI has been working hand-in-hand with left leaning groups like FACE IT Cobb and EmpowerED Georgia.  GBPI’s reports are being used by FACE It Cobb and some of their school board members as the basis to oppose Gov. Deal.   

As reported in Georgia Pundit:
“What’s alarming is that Republicans in Cobb County are scammed into supporting yet another initiative by the liberal Georgia Budget and Policy Institute to increase taxes and government spending.”

Is Dunwoody’s own state senator a solid supporter of the liberal GBPI?  This same GBPI is where Jason Carter, running against Nathan Deal for governor, gets his talking points.  How does that sit with Deal and other Republicans?  Dunwoody and other cities in Georgia need 100% support of all Republicans and Governor Deal to pass the Independent School District issue.  The 2014 General Assembly is not the year we need our local elected officials pandering to GBPI and MMO in DeKalb.

GBPI calls for tax increases and more spending on social programs at every turn.  Here’s a quote from a policy analyst at GBPI in the link that Sen. Millar provided:  “We just need to invest in poor people through childcare, health coverage, making sure young adults can go to college.”  We all know what the word “invest” means to liberals.  It’s more money from your wallet into their social programs.    

If you want solid policy advice, the “go to” think tank is the Georgia Public Policy Foundation (GPPF).  As an example, they publish the truth in education spending in Georgia rather than the ridiculous notion of “cuts” that GBPI keeps parroting.  Senator Millar should look to his Facebook friend Benita Dodd, not Alan Essig, for conservative Budget and Finance information.

Sen. Millar might want to reconsider his support of the “message” from the GBPI.  Their message and their policies aren’t aligned with the majority of his constituents.  The policies and people that GBPI supports will increase your taxes, increase government spending and hurt Georgia’s economy.     

Alan Essig, Director, GBPI  Alan Essig editorial HERE  and HERE and HERE to start.
"any deficit reduction package that doesn't include new revenue from the wealthiest Americans.....

We hope Senator Millar focuses mainly on the Independent School District issue this session as the message of his constituents has been loud and clear.  We fully expect Sen. Millar to work hard on this topic so hopefully some future Facebook updates and Tweets focus on HR 486


Anonymous said...

That is one interesting post.

Joe Seconder said...

Rick -- How about doing a similar "follow the money" posting on
the Georgia Public Policy Foundation (GPPF), their political leanings, source of funding and corporate backers?

You'll find they have ties to Heartland Institute, the Reason Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the "State Policy Network".

You'll see they are funded by the likes of the Koch brothers and other large out of state "Foundations" with specific agendas and political leanings, as well.

Anonymous said...

For decades the voters have put in State Senators and Reps. because they "like the guy" rather than on their voting record. Look at voting records and find out who has leaned very heavily toward the liberal side before you vote. The "Good old boy" voting has made a mess of things and it needs to stop. Personally, enough is already going to the poor. There are a lot of people on the dole who have been capable of working for years. I am sick of having had to work when other women on welfare have stayed home with their many babies while I had only one baby and worked to support theirs! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Anonymous said...

My read of GBPI is every problem they see calls for more taxes. Like it or not, the majority of Dunwoody does not support that agenda. The GPPF (not GBPI) is also the group that did the feasibility study for a new independent Dunwoody school district.

Anonymous said...

Joe - I see your point but isn't Sen. Millar a Republican? Why would he be aligning himself with a leftwing group?

Anonymous said...

Millar has always aligned with the liberals.

Max said...

Senator Millar represents his District, we are not a hard Republican lot, more at moderate Conservative.

Of course, the newest group - Hard to label who they are since they operate from the shadows, thinks everything status quo is wrong.

A lot of rhetoric, but in the end, those that govern best, listen to their voters - And Fran is one of the best when it comes to following up on a credible question. Doesn't matter who you are, if you have a legitimate, Fran will respond.

You may may not like the answer, but that doesn't mean the man is not responsive.