Sunday, November 3, 2013

Denny Shortal for District 1 Dunwoody City Council

DunwoodyTalk endorses Denny Shortal for District 1 Dunwoody City Council.  Mr. Shortal's consistent stance on neighborhood issues and his non-wavering position on other issues sits well with most of District 1 residents.

Recent attack emails on Shortal should be taken with a grain of salt. Voting a guy out of office because he said other streets needed a sidewalk ahead of Mt Vernon Way is absurd.  If that's the biggest issue you have with a council member over a five year period then you should be pleased.

Shortal supports public schools and youth sports.  He is constantly involved in the community,supports non-profits, and is always a great volunteer for events around our city. 

If you were on the fence on who to vote for, please jump over that fence and vote for a proven leader and volunteer in our community.  District 1 needs representation that can work well with our current mayor and council, and Denny Shortal is that man.

Please forward a link to this blog post to friends in District 1, and please vote Tuesday for Denny Shortal.