Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crawford Lewis Turns Snitch

Former DeKalb Superintendent Crawford Lewis has to serve one day of detention after school tomorrow.  This punishment is part of a deal CLew made with DeKalb prosecutors.  By becoming a snitch for The Man, Lewis may lose some street cred in many parts of DeKalb.  Lil Wayne and Obie Trice can't be impressed with CLew's latest move.  But when one's back is against the wall and the soap is not on a rope, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. 

Crawford Lewis was once the BMOC here in DeKalb, overseeing a $1 BILLION budget and the edumacation of 100,000 students a year.  We are so proud of our central office alumnus around these parts.  After CLew the fine folks of DeKalb were served up Ramona Tyson (TTT) and Cheryl Atkinson. And of course we now have interim  appointed forever Superintendent Michael Thurmond.  Quite the legacy Michael has to follow.  Of course Ramona Tyson is still with us.  The county school system has done so well the past five years why would people even think Tyson was/is part of the problem.  

So our buddy Crawford will apparently plea to a misdemeanor and receive a slap on the knuckles from a Redan Elem School ruler.  According to the AJC he will provide testimony to secure a better case against Tony and Pat Pope Reid.

No official statement yet from DeKalb's Michael Thurmond, but we believe the school system's employment practices may allow Lewis to return to DeKalb as a gym teacher, after the trial of course.  Lewis was a gym P.E. teacher in DeKalb prior to becoming superintendent of the $1 BILLION enterprise.  Ramona Tyson served as a typing teacher prior to becoming DeKalb Superintendent.  No word if TTT (Typing Teacher Tyson) would join Lewis in a school for the 2014-15 school year.  With a plea deal for a misdemeanor Lewis will most likely keep his full pension, regardless if he is shown to be deeply involved with million and millions of dollars being spent improperly.  Hey, it was just taxpayer money, no big deal.  It's not like the children of DeKalb could use more money for stuff like textbooks.  

DES is a new school here in Dunwoody.  The total capacity varies at this school depending on the weather or the day of the week.  But one thing is for sure, the school library and cafeteria were designed for a 600 student school, not one that holds enough students for a 900 or 1100 person school.  This is just one example of many that show how DeKalb suffered under Lewis' direction.  I'm not sure if Pat and Anthony built DES, but someone screwed up.  

photo from The Champion Newspaper

As Stan Jester's Fact Checker points out, SACS fully accredited the DeKalb School District with no warnings saying “Effective leadership at all levels”.

Of course all this stuff is alleged and nothing is final until a DeKalb jury says Guilty or Not Guilty.  Based on the awesome job DeKalb has done over the years edumacating kids and the implementation of the DeKalb Schools Jobs Program, aka Friends and Family, we are surprised CLew turned snitch.

No comment yet from local DeKalb mouthpiece Jeff "Dunwoody doesn't need its own school district" Dickerson.  Dickerson was last seen wiping a chair for Dr. Walker at a Falcons game. 

Speaking of Dr. Walker, I REALLY REALLY hope he wins his case with the GA Supreme Court.  The law put in place by the General Assembly is bad.  If Dr. Walker and other Board members are back on the Board things will be even more interesting in DeKalb, if that is even humanly possible.  Go Dr. Walker!