Friday, July 26, 2013

Flood Plain or No Flood Plain?

A few days ago we posted what now seems as bad information.  The homes behind Brook Run are not all in a FEMA flood plain and home buyers there do not sign  any paperwork acknowledging any such thing.


From Dunwoody's GIS web site

The folks living on Lake Village Dr and Village Dr have Brook Run park as their backyard.  For over a decade the park has remained mostly unused.  I think these people got a bad deal when Vernon Jones put in that dog park.  The 2nd day of city hood that dog park should have been removed.  It's still there.  In fact, the city plans to spend over $100,000 on moving the dog park.  I have a better idea - don't "move" but instead "remove".  No one on council wants their backyards tampered with so why allow that dog park to remain?  For the people living near it a move is a good thing.  My theory is that if it is a bad thing to live by then move it out completely.  Hopefully this will be a campaign issue.  

The Brook Run trail is a done deal and everyone needs to accept it.  The city will not be ripping up that concrete anytime soon.  I think the trail will be an asset to the park and city and will get lots of use.  An 8-foot or 10-foot wide version would have been a better compromise but we are beyond that.  Like Dunwoody Parkway, it's a done deal so move on and focus on things that can be changed.

The big question with the newly built trail:  Is more or less water entering private property and flooding yards and/or homes? Has the trail helped move water into storm water culverts and ditches, improving the conditions for nearby homeowners?

Homeowners are welcome to submit photos if water is damaging their property, due to the trail being built.  Please don't send me photos of cut trees or a count of trees cut for the trail.  The tree canopy in Dunwoody and Georgia is greater than many other civilized/occupied places on Earth.  The World will not implode and your grand kids will not suffer a cruel death if we cut another 600 trees for a soccer field or two, or three.

Vanderlyn Learning Cottage Update

The word is spreading amongst alumni and parents in Ye Olde Vanderlyn territory of the recent removal of the DeKalb Learning Cottages.  Please know these were not your average trailers seen at places like Austin and Peachtree - these 'modulars' had plumbing, AC, and even electricity.  

It sure is nice to see an open field (full of scrap metal and PVC pipe buried treasure), just begging for some grass seed.

Inspired by the openness of the side field area the Vanderlyn principal has issued a new Summer Assignment.  It's called:  I Dream Green.  Students are to create a rendering of the field area - a creation they'd like to see come true.  Grades K-2 can draw their version.  Grades 3-5 need a computer-generated rendering (or a Crayola free-hand) accompanied by a written description.  

July 2013

July 2016?

So the big question:  What and when is replacing the Vanderlyn Learning Cottages?  Well, sources say different (not new, just replacement) learning cottages will be trucked north from Redan High School.  No confirmation on what type of trailers these are, but here is a recent aerial view of Redan and those trailers on the right don't look like the modulars hauled out of Dunwoody.

As mentioned yesterday the Dunwoody Talk staff ventured to the Vanderlyn campus to do some searching.  Take a look at the awesome finds:

These remarkable finds at the Vanderlyn campus create two new concerns.

1.  By the looks of those lead items someone had a gun on school property in June/July in the year 1864.  I researched DeKalb's Zero Tolerance policy and it does transcend generations.  Dunwoody Police, along with DeKalb School Resource Officers, are working with the Dunwoody Crier's Valerie Biggerstaff to find the great great great great grandson of the culprit.  DNA testing will be conducted during Vanderlyn's Open House to link a current student to the 1864 soldier.  

2.  Now that it has been determined that Vanderlyn's campus was the site of either an encampment or actual battle the site will be named an Historic Site and taken over by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust.  The DPT will convert the school to a wedding chapel.  Vanderlyn students will attend Georgia Tech's dual enrollment program in late August and stay there until a new school is built from funds from SPLOST 12.

Take your kid by Vanderlyn today and show them the field so they can dream of recess and PE on that green stuff. 

The good news is that this will reportedly save $12,000 a year (replacing the old modulars).  Hats off to DeKalb to save some money.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vanderlyn School Children Now Have Open Space for PE and Recess, For the Summer

Just over two weeks before school starts and the trailers learning cottages at Vanderlyn Elementary have been hauled away and to be replaced soon.  On Saturday the new four-story trailers will arrive, complete with glass elevators.  The Vanderlyn attendance zone will expand and the new enrollment is 1,650 students.

The cafeteria has not been expanded yet so the lunch schedules have been adjusted:

School starts at 7:45 AM.

Lunch Schedule:

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM = 5th grade teams A,B,C
8:50 AM - 9:35 AM = 5th grade teams D,E,F
9:40 AM - 10:25 AM = 4th grade teams A,B,C
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM = 4th grade teams D,E,F
11:20 AM - 12:05 PM = 2nd grade teams A,B,C
12:10 PM - 12:55 PM = 3rd grade teams D,E,F 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM = 2nd grade teams D,E,F
1:50 PM - 2:30 PM = kindergarten
2:35 PM - 2:45 PM = 1st grade teams A,B,C

NOTE: 1st graders and teams D,E,F in 2nd grade will ride a bus to Chick Fil A or Dunkin Donuts for lunch (Mon Tue Wed = CFA, Thu Fri = DunDon) after dismissal.  Carpool lane will form at All Saints starting at 3:00 PM.  3rd grade A,B, and C will eat at Village Burger on Mondays, and at Kingsley the rest of the week (3:30 PM all days)

photo courtesy of Sustainable Pattie

Actually new 'learning cottages' from Redan High School are being trucked up later this week for the Vandy kids.  If instead DeKalb sends up just plain trailers without bathrooms and electron microscopes (like they have at other Dunwoody schools) the poodle poop will hit the fan.  I'm not sure how many years those 'learning cottages' modulars were there, but DeKalb tax payers were RENTING them all these years.  

Hey DeKalb, how about just building an addition onto Vanderlyn? Sell seat licenses like they do at new football stadiums.  Anyone in Dunwoody can buy a seat license for $30,000.  The license is valid for six years (with an option to buy one additional year in case you decide to red-shirt your 1st grader or in case your kid fails a grade.  I bet I could sell 300 at $30,000 each ($9 million) in one weekend.  That's a better deal than St Jude or Mt Vernon! And after six years you can sell the seat for $10,000 and the new owner has to come up with only $15,000 more for the $25,000 renewal.  Renewal fees go toward renovations. I know, this is total fiction, but you readers know this would work if allowed.

Why bring up more rental trailers from Redan High School?  I'm headed over to Vandy at dusk with my metal detector to see if I can find some Vandy lunch money coins and MatchBox cars dropped on that field back in the 1980's.

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