Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vermack Georgetown Kingsley Swim Teams Dunwoody Season Ends

The 2013 swim season is over.  Village Burger employees can go home early again on Tuesday nights and the Wednesday morning spinning and yoga classes will again be occupied.  Starting Thursday of this week (tomorrow) is the Championships at Georgia Tech.

The swim championships is an opportunity for individuals and relay teams to compete against swimmers from across the metro Atlanta area.  In years past there have been four qualifying rounds on Thur/Fri/Sat for the Sunday finals. With the addition of a bunch of new swim teams from the Woodstock area to ASA there are now five qualifying sessions.  More swimmers equals more competition equals less Dunwoody swimmers making it to the Finals on Sunday.  Some local teams have as few as five kids entering the championships while some teams will have 50+ kids.  It's a great opportunity to compete against a larger group of kids.  More on the Session 1 later in this post.

The Branches  448  Redfield 351
Virginia and The Branches don't lose often at home, and they enjoy the rival meet against Redfield.  The weather cleared as did most of the fallen tree logs en route to the pool, and this backyard rivalry was on (20 minute late start, but it was on!).  Half of The Branches and Redfield both attend Austin so lots of friends seeing each other. The Branches dads worked the grill, putting forth burgers and hot dogs.  Pizza also made an appearance.  You need to arrive there by noon if you want decent chair placement.  Home teams will save the parking lot for visitors, but not deck space.  No worries as it's a big venue.  Close races all night and The Branches win what seemed like a much closer meet to the casual observer.  The Branches finish the season strong, winning a rain delayed meet just a few days ago against Village Mill 406-387.
The Branches Pool and Club House

Fontainbleau 473  Huntcliff  288
Fontainbleau hosted the kids from Huntcliff (Huntcliff is in Sandy Springs off Roswell Road, up on a hill, parts overlooking the Chattahoochee River.  When at the river on Azalea Drive you can look across the river and see the horses - that's Huntcliff).  With the win Fontainbleau seals a Top 5 finish in the season rankings.  I've never been to this pool/cub house but expect an invite for their next social gathering.  I will present them with their ribbon for a Top 5 finish.

Gainsborough  419  Mill Glen  374
Mill Glen swimmers had a decent season, involved in many close meets.  Tuesday was another close one.  Our cub reporter tells us parking was ample (grass lot near the pool) and the food was common fare, including Gala's pizza.  The meet starter was a no-show so one of the older boys from Mill Glen stepped up and did the job.  The meet was over by 8:30 PM as the replacement starter guy had a date, but he reportedly ran a great meet.  It's been suggested Gainsborough sell Deep Woods Off with Deet at their concession stand next season.

Georgetown 404  Roxboro 392
Georgetown swimmers earn win #5 on the season and move to 5-0 on the season. But is a 12 point win over Roxboro enough to make them Dunwoody's #1 team?  Vermack finished 3-2 on the season, but defeated Roxboro by a much larger margin, and Vermack faced two SuperClubs (their two losses) and had a tough schedule.  Georgetown has proven to have a great swim team and they have many swimmers in the Championships later this week.

Kingsley 412  Dunwoody Country Club  367
Congratulations to Kingsley on a 5-0 schedule.  You will be awarded next year perhaps with a meet against Chastain or Garden Hills.  Kingsley has one of the nicest pool grounds in the area.  A nice cover over the kiddie pool area, a corn hole game on the lawn, and a nice view of the lake.  And they have a nice club house.  All the swimmers, parents, and coaches at Kingsley should be proud of their undefeated season.  Kingsley surely will be a Top 5 team this year in the final rankings, but will they topple Vermack or Georgetown?

Hanover West 400  Vermack 396
Tough season-ending loss for Vermack.  A win combined with a close G-town/Roxboro meet and they would have easily earned the Dunwoody Cup for 2013.  Our odds maker actually had Hanover West winning by a larger margin.  Oh so close for Vermack.  Vermack has lots of relay teams and individuals swimming at Georgia tech this week.  Vermack finishes a respectable 3-2 on the season, winning when they were supposed to win, and competing well against the SuperClubs. Hanging chads and Lane 5 scoring last night from this meet?  Stay tuned.  The Hanover West / Vermack rivalry is one of legend, featured on ESPN's Outside the Lines last season.  It's a wonderful tale of coaching rivals, 9 & 10 year old girls swimming records, and close meets dating back to 1902 when one of the Spruill-Chesnut-Donaldson girls beat Henry Irby's daughter in an IM at the Vermack pond.

In related news we have received a press release from DJ Vermack.  He no longer will be King of the Pool at Vermack.  It seems his weekly cross-country trips from Vegas to PDK is too much.  We wish DJ vermack the best of luck on the club scene in Vegas.  Up and coming local DJ A-Town Wrecker will take over the wheels of steel next swim season.

Rumor on the street says Georgetown has reached a deal with their own A-list DJ.  see video below

Village Mill 413  Dunwoody North 362
Village Mill loves these close meets.  This time they come out ahead.  They lost a tough rain-delayed meet Friday night (had they had all their swimmers for the 2nd half makeup we think they would have won).  Village Mill finishes 3-2 but it could/should have been a 5-0 season.  A tough meet against Mill Glen and The Branches twice-delayed event were the two losses.  

Wynterhall 497  Zaban 260
Yes!  Wynterhall avoids a win-less season pulling off the win against the Zaban Sharks.  We knew Wynterhall would pull off the victory Tuesday and put some major cabbage on the line at the Horseshoe Casino sports book in Tunica.  Wynterhall finishes 1-4, Zaban ends 2-3.

Week 5 Rankings
1.  ?

2.  ?

3.  Kingsley (last week #3) (1 of 20 1st place votes)

4.  Fontainebleau (last week un-ranked)

5.  Village Mill (last week un-ranked)

 It's a tough call between Vermack and Georgetown for #1 and the awarding of the Dunwoody Cup.  Too bad these teams did not face each other.  But wait - the Swim Championships!

We'll conclude our rankings this weekend after we see results of the following events at Georgia Tech. The strength of the Vermack team comes from the girls, for Georgetown it's the boys.

#1   7-8 Girls Medley relay

#2   9-10 Boys Medley relay
#3   13-14 Boys medley relay
#4   15-18 Women's medley relay
#5   7-8 Girls free style relay
#6   9-10 Boys free style relay

#7  13-14 Boys free style relay
#8  15-18 Women's frees style relay

Tie breaker: Girls 13-14 free style relay

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dunwoody Dive Teams

Swim season ends this week for the neighborhood meets, then it is off the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center for swim championships.  We'll try to get results from the championships to post here.

But now let's talk DIVE, Mill Gen Dive!  Mill Glen Dive Team goes 5-0 on the season, earning a nice shiny trophy for their nice shiny club house. 

May 22AAC 51 ROS 54
WLC 61 DCC 46
MG 50 STI 50
TB 44 WYN 63
SRS 32 BWH 75
KRS 42 RED 59
GH 36 SMY 46

May 29
DCC 59 AAC 40
ROS 38 STI 69
WLC 51 MG 54
WYN 64 SRS 46
BWH 62 TB 46
SMY 37 KRS 51
GH 30 RED 65

June 5
STI 77 AAC 26
DCC 40 MG 61
ROS 9 WLC 45
WYN 69 RED 37
BWH 19 SMY 16
KRS 36 TB 62
GH 40 SRS 53

June 12
AAC 33 WLC 68
MG 65 ROS 38
STI 74 DCC 32
WYN 37 BWH 71
RED 47 SMY 55
TB 69 SRS 34
GH 29 KRS 67

June 19
MG 63 AAC 39
DCC 60 ROS 46
WLC 49 STI 59
SMY 46 WYN 62
RED 28 BWH 76
GH 19 TB 76
SRS 50 KRS 49

The final standings are as follows:

North Division
STI 5-0
MG 5-0
WLC 3-2
DCC 2-3
ROS 1-4
AAC 0-5

South Division
BWH 5-0
WYN 4-1
TB 3-2
KRS 2-3
RED 2-3
SRS 2-3
SMY 2-3
GH 0-5

Congratulations to all the teams on a terrific season.

The divisions for the championship meet are as follows (remember, Division A is made up of the overall top 4 finishing teams from last year's Championship Meet):

Division A
Brookwood Hills
St. Ives
The Branches
Windward Lake Club

Division B
Atlanta Athletic Club
Dunwoody Country Club
Garden Hills
Mill Glen
Roswell Rec
Smoke Rise

DunwoodyTalk thought Mill Glen defeated St Ives in Week 1 but after some New Math and counting the hanging chads it turns out Mill Glen & St Ives tied.  When you tie in swim and dive, it equals a win officially.  Congratulations to all the local divers. 

Swim Tuesday Night:
Wynterhall at Zaban (Wynterhall by 5)
Dunwoody North at Village Mill  (Village Mill by15)
Vermack at Hanover West (Hanover West by 44)
Redfield at The Branches  (The Branches by 21)
Mill Glen at Gainsborough (Mill Glen by 15)
Kingsley at Dunwoody Country Club (Kingsley by 40)
Georgetown at Roxboro (Roxboro by 4)
Fontainebleau at Huntcliff  (Fontainebleau by 32)

Please Note:  No on-site wagering at swim meets without City of Dunwoody temporary gaming permit. Odds provided by the all new Harrah's Cherokee Casino.