Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Tale of Two ZIP CODES and Dunwoody Storm Sirens

Did you know a storm was coming to Dunwoody?  When did you know, and how did you gather this information?  TV, radio, CodeRed, sirens from neighboring community, text message, Facebook, Twitter, phone app, phone call, home weather center, arthritis flare up, Al Gore, barometer?

The new text alerts and phone calls send information to you based on data you submit.  For most Dunwoody residents that is 30338. It seems as a majority of our storms come from the north, aka ZIP Code 30350.  A few Dunwoody residents live in the 30350, including the Dunwoody Talk HQ.  Not much different here in the '50' except we have City of Atlanta water instead of DeKalb, and our mail is sorted at a different post office so we have to use Atlanta or Sandy Springs as our official mailing address. Using ZIP 30350 as your 'warning' ZIP you may receive warnings sooner for storms approaching from the north.  But that was not the case on Thursday night.

Code Red sent a Tornado Warning to 30338 residents.  Was it because a warning was issued within 5 miles of this ZIP code?  According to an excellent local source, NOAA did not issue a tornado warning for 30338.  That means if we had sirens they would NOT have sounded on Thursday.  Was the non-issued NOAA tornado warning an error?  Should there have been a warning issued for 30338?  I'm not a meteorologist but looking at the tree damage around here it seems as perhaps we were as close to tornado as one can get.

If we had sirens, would they sound only from official word from NOAA?

Dunwoody not listed as one of the cities in the Peachtree City warning.  Do they know we are a city?

So the idea of storm sirens may soon be upon us.  Should the city invest in storm sirens and utilize the CodeRed phone system?  Perhaps a study on amount of sirens needed and annual cost.  Sandy Springs has sirens, as does Cobb, Roswell, and Decatur.  Any other time we (the city) needs to buy something, we always refer to one of these cities for validation.

According to CodeRed 30350 and 30338 were under a tornado warning on Thursday night.  I was at city hall during this time and knew of the event due to a CodeRed text and phone call.  A couple of other people in the audience knew as well, for the same reason.

On a similar topic, HERE is Sustainable Pattie (no relation to Peppermint Patty)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Georgia Power's Power Outage Map for Dunwoody

Look HERE.

Dunwoody was not one of the first communities to see GA Power trucks.  Sandy Springs still has 25,000 without power (4 PM Friday) and approximately 10,000 in Dunwoody still without power.

Need a generator?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Have a Comment or Concern on New Zoning Rules?

Thursday June 13 the Community Council meets to discuss the Zoning Rewrite.  This is your opportunity to voice concerns and make comments.  If you see something you don't like then show up Thursday night at city hall and tell the Community Council.

Once these new rules are passed it's not that easy to change.  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

see HERE for lots of information on proposed new zoning

Dunwoody Week 3 June 11 2013 Swim Scores

It was a sticky, humid night in Dunwoody last night.  No breeze and big crowds gathered around swimming pools while bullpen moms chase down kids - the good life.

Redfield 440  Brittany Club 352
Redfield has only two home meets this year, and Tuesday was the last of those two.  The grilled chicken sandwiches were awesome as was the swimming.  The Brittany Barracudas made the trip from Brookhaven, coming off a big win last week over Wynterhall. The Red Devils showed no mercy on their neighbors to the south.  The meet was very close through the night, with Redfield pulling ahead in the final 20 events.  Brittany Club has lots of swimmers, submitting multiple heats for nearly all events, including young-kid IMs.  Redfield goes to 2-1 on the season but faces monster swim team Garden Hills next week.  Things look better in Week 5 for Redfield with a trip to The Branches.

Redfield and Brittany Club

Georgetown 471  Wynterhall 325
As expected last week's #1 ranked team defeated the fine folks of Wynterhall.  Georgetown is now 3-0 and hosts The Branches next week.  Georgetown really wants to go 5-0 on the season but The Branches stands in the way.  CBS advertising is rumored to be applying for a special permit for an 'Eat My Bubbles" electronic billboard for the 285/Chamblee Dunwoody Rd exit ramp.  Wynterhall hosts Village Mill next week and has a chance at victory.

Mill Glen 399 Village Mill 397
A real nail-biter last night among the bugs and wooded area of da Mill.  A 2 point loss is a tough one for Village Mill.  One of the 80+ events made the difference.  Mill Glen faces Dunwoody North next week.  Village Mill heads up the road to Wynterhall next week and hopes to rebound with a win.  After the meet last night all boys were accounted for after what was perhaps a quick game of ManHunt.

From a local resident:
I think you would be hard pressed to find a better, closer, or more exciting meet in Dunwoody summer swim league annals. The meet was even closer than the 299-297 final score could indicate, as every other race seemed to be a photo finish. In all, 23 of the 86 events were decided by less than 1 second, including 7 relays.  What a tough night to be a finish judge. One race was decided by the referee against the lane timers' numbers, 2 events were decided by 0.01 second, and event 85 (girls 15-18 free relay) was called a dead heat tie.  I've never felt such excitement at a summer league meet as during the final few relays when all the little ones were circled around the pool screaming for their older teammates. It was quite a sight and really what summer league is all about.

Vermack 467  The Branches 329

Video above is from Bushwood Country Club, located in north Dunwoody somewhere

It's a lot of work preparing for a home swim meet.  The moms and dads in charge of concessions need to buy burgers, hot dogs, buns, soda, candy, napkins, plates, etc.  The sound system is tuned, lawn chairs rearranged.  Posters made.  And then it happens - "It's no big deal" says Bill Murray.  A Baby Ruth.

Kidding aside, glad to see safety being #1 concern for the swimmers.  And besides, Vermack likes to host events.  The Vermack mamas took charge, made a Costco run, ordered some pizza and Chick fil A, and it was On Like Donkey Kong. DJ Vermack was able to fly back for a night from his monthly gig at Hakkasan at the Vegas MGM, to the delight of the young boys and girls of Vermack and The Branches.  Hats off to the Vermack Vikings - at the drop of a dime they put it together.  Vermack faces Roxboro next week then finishes with Hanover West.  The Branches have a big meet next week at Georgetown.

Kingsley  488  Deerfield Spalding Lake  275
Kingsley is for real, now 3-0.  Looking at the Kingsley schedule they could go 5-0 this season.  Week they face DCC but we think Kingsley can do it.  Don't expect Kingsley to move up in the rankings yet due to strength of schedule, but winning 3-0 is a great accomplishment.

Zaban Sharks 374  Huntcliff 337

Hampton Hall South 445  Dunwoody North 348
Dunwoody North drops its second straight and faces a tough Mill Glen team next week.  Dunwoody North heads to Village Mill in Week 5.

Village Burger was packed last night as swimmers and parents from Redfield moved in, joined by neighbors from Mill Glen and Wynterhall.  After the next next week join us at Village Burger.

Week 3 Rankings
1.  Georgetown  (last week #1)
2.  Vermack (last week #2)
3.  Kingsley (last week #3)
4.  Redfield (last week unranked)
5.  Mill Glen (last week unranked)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dive Night Wednesday, Tuesday Swim Night in Dunwoody

Tonight's swim meets:

Brittany Club at Redfield
Dunwoody North at Hampton Hall
Fontainebleau at Deerbrooke Waters
Georgetown at Wynterhall
Kingsley at Deerfield Spalding Lake
Mill Glen at Village Mill
Vermack at The Branches The Branches at Vermack

Zaban at Huntcliff

After the swim meet join neighbors at Village Burger for a late night snack and drink.

Dive Meets
Tuesday nights are reserved for swimming in Dunwoody, but Wednesday nights are reserved for dive meets.  Best thing about diving - meets are over by 8pm at the latest so plenty of time for dollar tacos at Los Rancheros.  Kingsley, Branches, Wynterhall, Redfield, Mill Glen and DCC all have dive teams in Dunwoody.  Vermack has an in-house dive team, hopefully they will join the big league next summer.  
Mill Glen and DCC are in the north division while the rest of Dunwoody is in the south division.  
Weather has not been kind to the dive meet schedules thus far this season.

One final score from last week was Mill Glen 61, DCC 40.  Mill Glen managed the age groups well and beat DCC for the first time ever.  As we receive weekly scores, the information will be posted here - the official dive meet site of the summer.
Dive meets are much different than a swim meet.  Instead of 300 kids expect 40 or so.  And instead of a loud crowd it is quiet.  It's similar to attending a volleyball match versus an ALTA tennis match. 

May 22
AAC 51 ROS 54 (unofficial)
WLC 61 DCC 46
GH 36 SMY 46

May 29
DCC 61 AAC 38 (unofficial)
ROS 38 STI 69
WLC 51 MG 54
WYN 64 SRS 46
BWH 62 TB 46
SMY 37 KRS 51
 Send your swim and dive photos to


Monday, June 10, 2013

Dunwoody Council Recap June 10, 2013

Community Development Grants
Dunwoody Council declined to move forward on signing a consent agreement with DeKalb for Community Grants through HUD.  Great news.  Councilman Nall mentioned that City should not get grant then find a project, but instead possibly seek grants for already decided projects.  Councilwoman Bonser also spoke against the agreement since the City could not pull out later.  King John opposed also.  No action taken despite the semi-serious sales attempt by Ms. Kimberly.

Budget Amendment
Chris Pike presenting - nice job by Chris, as usual.  Glad he did not jump ship to Brookhaven.  Chris discussed some budget items but I nodded off for a few minutes, missing most of what he was talking about.  They discussed Storm Water system, Georgetown project, meals for bailiffs, etc.

Millage Rate
Rate stays the same.  If your taxes went up blame the assessors at DeKalb or blame whomever is responsible for the alleged increase in your home value.  The large majority of your tax bill is for schools and DeKalb County 'services'.  Very little of your taxes go to the City of Dunwoody.

MARTA Advertising
City Council discussed agreement with MARTA, sharing 50% of ad revenue at the bus shelters in Dunwoody.   There are 12 MARTA shelters with ads in Dunwoody.  I'm not sure of the old nasty bench in front of Dunkin Donuts is a MARTA bench or not. 

King John asked if we could remove the shelters.  We can but need to reimburse some ad company.  Those things can't be worth much.  King John also questioned the shelter's compliance to the city's sign ordinance and wants the MARTA ads removed from the city.  Councilwoman Lynn said shelters are needed but not the ads.

Roswell Bus Shelter
Roswell MARTA shelter

Possible Dunwoody MARTA shelter
"edible Bus Shelter" made with bamboo, and imagine cucumber vines growing up the sides.  Compliments of Sustainable Pattie

Take a look HERE at Roswell.

The city legal guy says there is a contract valid until 2022 for the advertising and the shelters.  If Dunwoody did not sign is this 2022 contract legal?  By not paying us commissions has MARTA voided this contract.  Councilman Heneghan made some great points about the shelters/ads.  Don't get his Irish up!  King John makes the great point that CBS and MARTA put these shelters where people will see the ads, not where the shelters are needed.  Go get 'em, John. Look for this MARTA / CBS advertising issue to grow.  CBS has many lawyers and lots of money.

Streetlights for the PCID
Lights at '285' and Ashford Dunwoody are a good thing. $565 a month for lights at '285'.  Maybe CBS can put up some super-bright illuminated MARTA shelters to light up the area instead?  PCID puts up around $200,000 for the lights, and city pays the monthly costs.  Sounds good to me.

Closing Comments
Councilwoman Bonser spoke about ethics charges and wanted some questions answered about ethics hearings.  Councilman Shortal spoke about new fire department possibilities.  City residents pay DeKalb about $6 million for fire protection.  Shortal said it would be wrong for council to increase taxes by $60 a year (on average) to have our own fire department (or share with neighboring cities). 

Berman Commons of Dunwoody

Now that the city has approved two land waivers for Berman Commons, the newest community by the William Berman Jewish Home, Jenice Cunningham has been named as its first Executive Director.

You can read more on Berman Commons at The Atlanta Jewish Times HERE.

You can read more about The William Breman Jewish Home and specifics on Berman Commons HERE.

From the web site:

Berman Commons will be a kosher assisted living and memory care community located adjacent to the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA). Berman Commons will provide upscale living for seniors ranging from those needing minimal assistance with daily living tasks such as bathing, dressing, cooking or laundry, to those with more significant cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s.

We anticipate breaking ground in September 2013 with a grand opening slated for December 2014. Berman Commons will feature:
  • Ninety spacious apartments, beautifully appointed common areas and attractive outdoor spaces
  • Secure Memory Care with dedicated programming and an inviting outdoor patio
  • Chef-prepared kosher meals plus snacks served daily  
  • Busy calendar of engaging programs
  • Beauty salon and library/media room with WiFi throughout the building
  • Complimentary MJCCA membership for all residents

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do You Trust DeKalb and HUD for Housing Grants in Dunwoody?

On Monday's city council agenda is discussion to sign a Cooperative Agreement with DeKalb County.  The purpose of this agreement is to allow the City of Dunwoody to apply for Community Development Block Grants.

And what is the purpose of these grants?  "to expand economic opportunities for low and moderate income persons" and focuses on "providing decent housing, a suitable living environment".

The first mayor/council did not sign the agreement in 2011because they felt the DeKalb County could make the Grant decisions, not Dunwoody.  In the newest memorandum on the topic our city staff says not true, that Dunwoody would have to sign off on any grants to be used for HUD or other type of housing grants.

So, do we rely on the city's legal staff and sign?  Or, do we (council and mayor) not sign since the city does not qualify, allowing perhaps other cities to take advantage of this program? 

Let your council and mayor know how you feel about signing an Agreement with HUD and DeKalb County today, before Monday night's meeting.

You can read more HERE.

And a final thought, why was staff attending a workshop detailing the requirements and application process for 2014 Community Development Block Grants?  Whose idea was this?  Or, was this one part of a workshop that had discussions of things actually relevant to Dunwoody?

The memo states Dunwoody as a city does not qualify for the grants.  I know other parts of DeKalb may benefit from these grants. 

Here's a piece at HuffPo on 'Moving to Opportunity'.

HERE'S  a different opinion

And one more HERE.