Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dunwoody Week 2 June 4 2013 Swim Results

The Norse colonization of North America started over 1,000 years ago. These Vikings liked the cold weather and stayed mostly in Greenland, but a few made it south to what's now known as Dunwoody, Georgia.  Evidence of this small colony of rugged settlers has remained in the area, according to DNA samples studied at the Dunwoody Pediatrics Research Center (located behind Village Burger, but be careful where you park as the parking spots in this center are reserved by tenant, birth-date, and left-handed/right-handed).  The lineage of the Vikings in the Dunwoody area is evident by the strong swimmers, strong rowers, fast runners, and great at playing ManHunt in the local neighborhoods.  The Viking ancestry started a small school, specializing in logging activities and math, but classroom recess consisted of only swimming.  This school was on the current grounds of the Vermack Swim Club but the school was later moved north one click and is now called Vanderlyn. Evidence of the Viking School for Logging and Swimming is protected by the local Red Shirt chapter. Now you know the history of our two successful 'Viking' groups.  (Source = Dunwoody Preservation Trust). An outsider could surmise school lunches at Vandy are responsible for the strong swimmers in the area, but those Viking Home-Schoolers are the crucial foundation to the team.

Week 2 Results
Vermack 466  Redfield 322
"How dare he rank us 3rd" was just one snippet captured from a young swimmer's Instagram account earlier this week.  After a tough battle with a SuperClub in Week 1, the Vermack Vikings came home to dominate the Redfield SunDevils and remind all Dunwoodians that they own the waterways of our Smart City. And yes, Vegas club sensation DJ Vermack was in da houzzz.  Sporting khaki shorts and a white T under the blue Vermack Veranda the tunes were cranking all night.  Those Viking kids love their music, and perhaps the young Redfield swimmers were too overwhelmed with the audio delights to concentrate on the swimming part of the evening. Vermack not only wins the meet, but so far has earned 'Best Swim Meet Food' award for 2013.  They offered Chick fil A, Village Burger, and other goodies.  I hear next home meet they will have bone-in ribeye from Flemings available.

Vermack heads to The Branches next week (don't forget your GPS) to continue its dominance.  Also, the Vermack cameras recorded 211 Redfield folks entering the swim area and the $2 per head will be put on the season-ending invoices of 10 random families.  Redfield swimmers will still have their Donut day later in the week so all is well.

DJ Vermack
Hampton Hall 447  Zaban 304
Score only as we do not yet have a Zaban contact.  If anyone form Zaban is interested, email swim info to us. We can't just put one sentence so we will remind you that the MJCCA has the best athletic facilities in Dunwoody.

Brittany Club 461  Wynterhall 321
Looks like a long season for the Wynterhall team.  They had a loss last week to Redfield then another tough match-up this week.  Things don't get any easier next week as Wynterhall travels south down Chamblee Dunwoody (Main Street) to Georgetown.  Week 4 & 5 Wynterhall may have a better chance for a win.

Chastain Park 545  The Branches 242
Now The Branches knows why Vermack lost by 170 to Chastain last week.  Chastain is one of the SuperClubs.  This may be The Branches biggest defeat in a couple of decades.  Not much time to sulk on the loss as The Branches host Vermack next week.  We expect Vermack to win by 120 points or so next week. The Branches did not have a meet last week as they had to reschedule their Week 1 meet against Village Mill as the Village Mill kids were in south GA picking strawberries for their festival.   After Vermack The Branches faces new powerhouse Georgetown. Look for The Branches to go 2-3 this season.

Georgetown 437  Mill Glen  354
The huge and powerful Georgetown Army swooped in to Mill Glen, ate all Mill Glenn's hamburgers, ate all their fine salads, won a lot of races, then went home as victors.  The good news for Mill Glen was the meet ended just after 9 PM and many headed to Village Burger for a post-meet snack.

NOTE: Village Burger, not yet a sponsor of the Swim Meet posts, but we are working a deal, is staying open late on Tuesdays for swimmers.  And if your dive team (Wednesday nights) wants to chow down let the manager at VB know a day ahead.

Mill Glen travels a couple miles south to face Village Mill next week.  We expect Mill Glen to get their first (and possibly only) win of the season next week.  Georgetown will cruise next week against Wynterhall and may go 5-0 this season.  Talks have already started about a possible Week 6 meet with a 5-0 Georgetown going against a 4-1 Vermack for 2013 bragging rights. Meet sponsors are being recruited.

Kingsley 406  Dunwoody North 387
Well, well, what do you know?  Kingsley is 2-0 and I owe a round of beers to select members of the Kingsley Posse.  Last year it was Mill Glen having a Cinderella season, this year it's Kingley. We knew it would be close, and it was.  A few tweeks here and there to a lineup make the difference. Kingsley could run the table going 5-0 this season as well, but strength of schedule differs from Georgetown.  Kingsley faithful will claim to be this season's Boise State if they go 5-0, but let's wait and see.  Dunwoody North is a bit shocked this morning but we still think they will have a great season, ending 4-1. The kind moms at Kingsley will be leading a Prancercise class prior to the next home meet.

Village Mill 521  Huntcliff 256
Village Mill earns runner-up in the beat-down of the week by winning by 265 points against Huntcliff.  Village Mill did not have a Week 1 meet.  Village Mill has a strong team and hopes to upset Mill Glen next week in next week's "Battle of the Mills".  Tune to Comcast channel 22 for this showdown.  Village Mill has the most convenient schedule of all Dunwoody teams.  All meets are close, the furthest being yesterday's Huntcliff meet.  They swim against The Branches, Mill Glen, Wynterhall, and Dunwoody North.  The schedule shows Dunwoody North hosting Village Mill in Week 5, but we think that meet is now at Village Mill. Rumor on the street says Dunwoody North declined to host any meets this season due to new rules regarding pool depth and diving in to start.  Many pools don't have a 'deep end' at both ends so kids cannot dive in for relays. 

Week 2 Rankings
1.  Georgetown  (last week #1)
2.  Vermack (last week #3)
3.  Kingsley (last week #4)
4.  Village Mill (last week unranked)
5.  Dunwoody North (last week #2)