Friday, May 24, 2013

Dunwoody Swim Season Starts Tuesday

Long Tuesday nights face hundreds of parents across metro Atlanta as Swim Season is here! 

Mill Glen at Brittany Club
Vermack at Chastain
Dunwoody North at Dunwoody Country Club
Gainsborough at Georgetown
Fontainbleau at Kingsley
Wynterhall at Redfield

Week 1 is a tough week with Memorial Day.  DeKalb schools just ended and many families hit the road for a week.  Line-ups will be tough to organize.  

Brittany Club is a powerhouse team and Mill Glen will have a tough time - a tough opening week.  Mill Glen had a great season last year and they hope to continue. 

Vermack, Dunwoody'e best swim team, faces rival Chastain in another tough opening meet.  Chastain is one of the Power Clubs.  They have a huge team and great swimmers.  Last year Vermack lost by 150 to Chastain.  This will be Vermack's first and only loss of the season as they are the team to beat in Dunwoody.

Dunwoody North has a good chance Tuesday to defeat Dunwoody Country Club.  This should be a close match-up.  Look for Dunwoody North to swim away with a victory.

Georgetown faces a tough team in Week 1 but should defeat Gainsborough. The new Kroger and the ground-breaking on the new park at Georgetown has G-town swimmers anxious to make a run for Number One this season.  Georgetown wins in a close one.

 Kingsley faces Fontainbleau.  In another close match we think Fontainbleau wins. Kingley has a nice club house with ample parking so enjoy the evening. 

Wynterhall travels 500 yards up Chamblee Dunwoody Rd to face rival Redfield.  Redfield won last year by 100, but we expect a tighter score this year.  All those Red Shirts around the pool are not protesting trees and roads, but cheering for the Sun Devils.

Parking is always tight at these meets and lots of kids running around.  Drive slowly and watch for kids.  Post-meet gatherings expected at Village Burger and Marlow's. 

Until next time, Eat My Bubbles.