Friday, May 17, 2013

Dunwoody Happenings April May 2013

First off, the Publix on Chamblee Dunwoody Road Main Street has a shipment of new grocery carts.  These new carts roll smoothly across the industrial linoleum. I am still adjusting to the store re-set they did here five months ago. 

Lemonade Days
Lemonade Days has come and gone.  Our staff met recently to discuss the event.  Of course the event was great - the #1 source of social networking for kids aged 10-15.  There is only one weak spot in the Lemonade Days format - what should the adults do while the kids ride?  The idea of a beer tent has been kicked around, but it does not fit this event.  Live music acts and other theatrical events were presented this year to a less than stellar crowd.

music group

Vandy Dancers
Lemonade Days has a large tent at one end of the midway. The tent is used for their VIP night on Wednesday evening, then plays host to various music groups and some other various entertainment.  The tent is not a source of income for the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, but is an expense.  The people coming to see the music are not buying ride tickets.  They are coming to see their friends in the band.

So what can be put in this tent?  One word:  BINGO

Bingo is entertaining, low cost to operate, and keeps parents occupied.  And DPT can profit from it.  There are many ways to do BINGO at Lemonade days.  Traditional, Big Money, Disco, etc. 

BINGO at Lemonade Days provides something for parents to do while their kids ride.  It can generate some money, and it does not cost much to operate. Steve B can drop the Trivia Night stuff for a week and announce.  You could probably sell sponsorships for the Bingo Tent and the Bingo Cards.  Cash prizes and also gift certificates from local merchants.

Dunwoody Arts Festival
The Other Dunwoody (you down with OTD?  yeah you know me) took in the sights and sounds of the Mother's Day weekend event.  See HERE.

The festival was great, very crowded.  Hopefully the vendors took home some ca$h.  A few people observed what appeared to be an increase in non-art vendors.  Gutters, roof, landscaping, junk haulers, and banks.  And some local businesses were not happy, as can be expected.  The gas station was not very busy due to its entrances closed.  But I know on Sunday there was a wait at J Christopher's and Hick House for breakfast/brunch. 

I'm sure the city and Arts Festival Lady will meet and make some adjustments.  TOD is correct that the festival should be on Da Vil Pkwy. 

Arts Festival

Lemonade Days

Lemonade Days

Peachtree Charter Middle School Awards Night

Dunwoody School Daze blog must have skipped class yesterday as she missed an event, the PCMS Awards Night.  Lots of outstanding students honored for their hard work