Saturday, March 23, 2013

Senator Fran Millar Works for Ethics Reform

HB142 passed the House, was revised in the Georgia Senate, and heads back to the House. This legislation would change the way lobbyists and legislators interact and it limits the value of gifts. Only a couple of days left for the House to react.

I am glad to report Senator Fran Millar has been out front on this legislation and has been vocal in support of ethics reform of/for Georgia legislators.

You can see more of Senator Millar's comments on Facebook.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dunwoody Swim Time

Now that we are in the spring season, it is not too early to talk about Summer Swim in Dunwoody. The ASA South Division is home to the Dunwoody teams. 

The swim meet dates for this season:

Meet 1 = May 28
Meet 2 = June 4
Meet 3 = June 11
Meet 4 = June 18
Meet 5 = June 25

The schedule will be announced April 1, 2013

Teams are ranked based on last year's results, and you swim against teams close to you in rankings. 

Last year was an awesome season, and we expect another one this year.  Last year's City of Dunwoody Swim Team rankings (as compiled by Dunwoody Talk contributors and aquatic experts)

1.  Vermack and Mill Glen (tie)
3.  Georgetown
4.  The Branches
5.  Redfield

Mill Glen was the surprise of the season.  Can they repeat this season, against higher ranked teams?

Our pre-season rankings for 2013

1.  Vermack
Vermack brings back lots of veterans.  Most team members have been swimming year-round at the Vermack indoor pool (it is actually underground, not visible to the public, and available only to swim team members) or at Dynamo or the JCC.  The team members do lots of 'land' workouts, with a required 10 hours a week of weight training in addition to the 10 hours of required time swimming laps. Vermack has 17 state record holders in various ages/strokes, and have 12 former swimmers with Olympic Gold medals.  DJ Vermack has upgraded his audio equipment, adding a waterproof mixer from Radio Shack to his gear and parents can hardly wait to hear 'Call Me Baby' over the 500 amp Bose speakers.  The trophy room was budgeted for new lighting and new supports for the trophy shelves, and a security system to protect their hardware. Without a doubt, the best swim team in Dunwoody.

2.  Georgetown
The Project Renaissance fever has spread to the local swimming pool.  With a new Farm Burger, a remodeled Kroger and a new park on the way, Georgetown has an electric feel this season.  Feeling snubbed in last year's rankings Georgetown is out to prove they are number 1.  Georgetown has a new snow cone machine on order so bring some extra $$$.

3.  The Branches
Consistency is the name of the game at The Branches.  Legendary team management and lineup expertise is the focus at The Branches.  The team focuses on earning points and winning meets.  Hamburgers are good here, but arrive early to get a spot poolside.  Moms here show up around noon with lawn chairs and beverages, claiming front row viewing.  As always, never enter The Branches without a high-quality GPS device. The Branches has lots of talent and this could be their year to go 5-0 (as long as they do not face one of the Super clubs).

4.  Mill Glen
Having a mayor and a DHA president as  members never hurts the clout of a team. Will Mill Glen duplicate its political power into swim team power?  Was the awesome 2012 season for real or a fluke for Mill Glen?  Mill Glen swimmers have been walking to Austin all year, keeping their legs fit and their lungs clear.  Mill Glen needs to make sure to have some kids in the 13+ age group this season if they want a 4 or 5 win season.  We heard a few new picnic tables and a new gas grill are in store for Mill Glen this season. 

5.  Dunwoody North
Will this be the year of the sleeping giant?  Dunwoody North has the numbers, and now they need the points.  With a large pool of kids in the neighborhood, this east side team will need all the swimmers it can find to compete this year.  A nice concession stand and parking is decent. 

Worth Mentioning:
Redfield - home to the pasta bowl and lots of candy for the kids.  Nice playground as well

Wynterhall - The hillside has been reseeded for kids to tear up in between races and the parking will be tight.  Mill Glen is a nice place for a swim meet, within walking distance to Mellow Mushroom (home to fresh hot pizza and cold Hoegaarden on draft) for the post-party.  A nice group of members here, probably the friendliest of all venues.

Kingsley - nice club house, excellent parking

Village Mill - this year's sleeper team.  We heard three families moved here recently, all with excellent swimmers in the 13-14 year old age group.

DunwoodyTalk is seeking one or two sponsors this year for the Swim Updates.  The fees are very reasonable (free food/drink is the usual form of payment)
Rendering of the new Dunwoody Swim Center and Elderly Living Center