Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DunWOODy Christmas/Holiday Gift Ideas - Own a Piece of da WOOD!

Now you can own a piece of DunWOODy history!  Limited stock available and these items will never again be available.  Letter of Authenticity provided with each unique piece.

These fine-crafted items were produced from mostly organic resources.  Endorsed by Sustainable Pattie and the City of Dunwoody Sustainability Committee.  All proceeds to benefit the DunwoodyTalk staff Christmas party and the DunwoodyTalk stocking fund.

All items available for local pick-up.  

The Dunwoody Clock.  This timepiece is correct at least twice per day.  Crafted from trees from Ace hardware down to Village Burger. 

The Dog-Gone Park Classic, Made from trees from the Mellow Mushroom area up to the traffic signal.  Just a hint of MARTA bus exhaust scent brings back memories for years.

The Parkway Cruiser, aka 'The Seconder".  This beauty is a must for the spandex crowd.  Only three available!!!!

"The Viking"  Vandy may Run on Dunkin', but it Rocks da 'Woody as well.  I-Touch, I-Phone 4, 4S, and now the 5 with Lightning Connector

The Backyard Chicken, hand-painted at the Spruill Art Center.  A tear-jerker for sure.  Not legal in Dunwoody, but cut-through drivers from Sandy Springs and Roswell can own one

This guy tried to claim a piece of history, but we got it back!

A hint of rubber brings this to life.  We swept rubber chips off Dunwoody Parkway and engrained into this hand-carved blimp replica, then sealed it for a long-lasting gloss finish.

Jimmy RedShirt, winner of our "Cut it Down" contest, makes easy work of things on Dunwoody Parkway

Goodyear now enjoys better road frontage.  The sign holders advertising 'no wait' will be visible from all directions

This may be the sweetest spot for the July 4th parade in 2014. I'm putting my chairs out tonight.

This fine specimen is already split and in my backyard.  Friends will cherish the smell of Dunwoody Parkway as we roast chestnuts by the fire this holiday season

All images property of DunwoodyTalk.  if you want to use any of these images email me first.  I'll accept Allagash White Ale (buy it from the liquor store behind Village Burger), Marlow's gift cards, or other reasonable items of barter.


Anonymous said...

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But Tanenblatt doubts their efforts will come to much this session.

“Over the years, there have been extremist elements that have popped up in different forms,” he said. “It’s not a national movement. There are all of these different splinter groups. But if people look at the facts, and you’re able to articulate the facts to people, they [the Tea Party groups] start becoming marginalized and I think some of that is happening right now.”

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get one of the Seconders. I didn't see any frame geometry info, the effective top tube of my current Trek is 59CM, do you have a 58 or a 60 that may be close? Also, from the photo I can't tell if it has a compact or a standard crankset. Which comes with the base model? Although it clearly doesn't come with electronics, is it Ultegra/Dura Ace Di2 compatible?