Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peter's of Dunwoody Closed

Peter's in Dunwoody is closed.  The hanging sign out on Chamblee Dunwoody Road is gone and the place is locked tight.  Apparently the rent rate was higher than budgeted for a dinner restaurant.

Certain locations are tough for restaurants, and this seems to be one.  Once the home to High Cotton and even a Pizza Hut, the space appears to be vacant.  On the upside, more parking for Moe's, Subway, and of course Nina's Nails.  The parking in this shopping center is not great, especially in the corner by Moe's and the ice cream place.

Carbonara in da Ville opened recently and may have had an impact on business at Peter's.  The osso buco here is pretty good, almost as good as at Ferraro's in Vegas.

On a positive note, we have an excellent review of First Watch cafe coming soon.  With the kids home from school next week take them out for brunch at First Watch, beside Marlow's. Peter's has a new location on Holcomb Bridge Road (690 Holcomb Bridge Road) in Roswell. 

So what's next for this site?  Hopefully not a Chuck E Cheese.


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Actually, Peter's moved to Roswell right off of Holcomb Bridge Rd.

Anonymous said...

Another in a long line of Dunwoody Restaurant closings... is rent/lease really the main factor? This area should be able to support many "better" dining spots.

Ken Thompson said...

Tony's...Oscar's...and now Peter's. Sad to see them go. Can't say any of the other local options are in the same league.

Carbonara didn't do it for me. Service was terrible--slow and inaccurate. Really wanted wanted to like First Watch but it doesn't make the cut. The fresh greens were supposed to be both fresh and green but these were definitely past any sell by date. The brown slimy bits left me wondering what made the green bits green. Jury's still out on Marlowe's.

Beef 'n Burgundy. Lagniappe. The Fish House. Mudcatz. Roasted Garlic. Sal's. Fins. Best Friends. What is it with this place?

Anonymous said...

We need a Bank

Anonymous said...

There is a rumor a foot that says Brookhaven is trying to get out of its lawsuit with the Pink Pony by peddling a new possible location.
But with all the restrictions against NEON lights in the Village, I do not think that is going to happen.
Another revenue opportunity lost

GaryRayBetz said...

Hell, forget moving the ladies of the Pink Pony there, Dunwoody could easily lure a male strip joint to open in that location by suggesting to the impresarios they could reuse the "Peters" signs.