Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dunwoody Braves?

Cobb County?  That's not in the sweet spot of ticket holders!  Come on, Braves.  Move a bit to the east of Cobb to Dunwoody, Georgia.  We have a 40 acre site at GA 400 and I-285.  A mall and nice hotels already nearby.  Plenty of room for parking and new amenities.  And no matter if we like it or not, we have MARTA.  Our neighbor to the west (Sandy Springs) has been snagging some big-time deals and we'd really like to show them a thing or two.  And although we are part of DeKalb (can someone under the Gold Dome pencil us in for that revival of Milton County) our current county CEO (interim) and our current county School Superintendent are not under investigation for any wrongdoing (at last nothing we know about).  

Drop us an email Atlanta Dunwoody Braves and let's talk.  We have a 40 acre project in the pipeline called High Street.  Many of us are not too excited about it and we think the Braves would like this spot.

Here in Dunwoody we host Georgia's largest Independence Day Parade.  We have a farmhouse.  We have a mall.  Dunwoody has a MARTA stop (please don't tell those street vendors or ticket scalpers once you build here).  We don't have the big bucks like Cobb County, but we don't think they really have it either.  Maybe we can work something out.  Oh, and you can use the "Atlanta" mailing address here as well.

Proposed High Street Project

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Joe Seconder said...

Coincidentally, I had the misfortune earlier this week to drive to a 6 pm appointment just west of Cumberland Mall. I left my home in Dunwoody at 5 pm. Took me 80 minutes to get there. At least today, I have the CHOICE to take MARTA to a game.

I betcha anything -- as soon as word was out -- that Yvonne from the PCID was on the phone to her counterpart at the Cumberland CID. Going to use this as another legitimate reason to ask for a light rail line along the top half of 285, between I-75 & I-85. And also work toward the proposed line from Cumberland south to the Arts Center Midtown MARTA station (as was proposed in the TIA / TSPLOST).