Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New City of Dunwoody Logo Leaked

In a move to please has-been Tech geeks and IPO underwriters, the City of Dunwoody's new logo aims to capture the hype of 2009 by replacing the famed Wal-Mart asterisk with the Twitter hashtag.  "As a follower in all things related to social media, we believe this is the right step in the wrong direction for our wonderful city," proclaimed city spokesperson Benjamin Buttons.  "The hashtag is/was the symbol of showing your techieness.  We have instant street-cred in Silicon Valley, Bombay, Delhi, and Smyrna with this move" he added.

Adam Osborne, city Technology Officer, offered his opinion as well.  "This hashtag sets us apart, no doubt.  This is another tool in our economic toolbox, right up there with our new Netscape web browsers on our Tandy (TRS 80) computers and our implementation of Microsoft Silverlight as the sole-source software for viewing council meetings."  

Economic Director Norman Smith could barely contain himself at the logo unveil.  "We have been contacted already by a potential new business wanting to set up shop in the PCID, a 3rd World manufacturer of transistors.  They actually used the hashtag, and the name of our city, when they updated their MySpace page. This is awesome!"

But not all residents are happy.  Local activist and Coffee Party member Jeannette Smathers complained about yet another keyboard character being used.  "All the hieroglyphics out there and all those Greek letters and such, and we grab another random character from a computer keyboard?  They must have had some special federal grant forcing us to get that hash thing."

The new logo was leaked Dunwoody Talk's cub reporter Chip Snowden and will not be officially unveiled until later this year.  The logo party is rumored to coincide with either the opening of the new sports field dog park or the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Austin Elementary school to be built on Ashford Dunwoody Road.  The new Austin location was announced after city council failed to take action on a land swap with DeKalb County.  "We can't displace those 15 kids from Dunwoody who play baseball in that league.  They deserve all those acres at Dunwoody Park for themselves, about one acre per 12 year-old.  I'm not concerned about the benefit to thousands of residents of Austin staying in the neighborhood as much as I am about keeping a baseball field there.  And besides, we have a deal in place," added a council member.


Kim said...

Classic RC. You're good.

Anonymous said...

So what it the latest with the proposed Austin site? Last summer it bounced back and forth. Like the idea of a land swap.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure out when the pound sign became a hashtag?!