Tuesday, October 1, 2013

League of Women Voters Declines to Moderate Dunwoody Forum at Church

Please Note:  The DHA Candidate Forum is a separate, non-related forum and is not affected by the announcement listed below.  The DHA Candidate Forum will be held, as scheduled.

Dear Mr. Leahy and Mr. Seconder,

I would like to Thank You for inviting the League of Women Voters to moderate your upcoming forums.
The League of Women Voters DeKalb declines to moderate the community forums scheduled for October 3 and October 10, 2013. Recent activities by Dunwoody residents have demonstrated that certain members of the community vehemently object to the League moderating these candidate forums. These protests have caused considerable confusion and only serve to mar the LWVDK’s reputation as an impartial moderator. It is unfortunate because only the community is being deprived of hearing all candidates’ views represented.

The LWVDK is a non-partisan, grass roots organization who mission is to promote voter education and voter service. We conduct, moderate and participate in voter education forums to promote a non-partisan venue for citizen education. While we respect an organization’s personal and political beliefs, we believe that these issues should not bleed over into an impartial forum. Nor does the League “endorse” a candidate seeking political office. Our recent experiences with planning the Dunwoody forums lead us to believe that the LWVDK is being pulled into a local community dispute. We do not want our presence at a voter education forum to be misinterpreted as engaging in this dispute.

We wish you well with your candidate forums in the City of Dunwoody.


Belinda Pedroso
Immediate Past President LWVDK

Lee Slaughter
Incoming Current President, LWVDK


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Anonymous said...

Did you see the Crier this week? Denny should go have a stern talking to with the editorial staff over there. A punch in the nose is deserved to the biased person who wrote the article insinuating Denny's campaign had something to do with a 'hoax' regarding a non-entity running for office.

The Crier used to be important, now it's knee jerk predictable garbage. Don't line your birdcage with this crap, your bird will start talking nonsense.

Kim said...

Dunwoody Talk Blog - you are the best! Thank you for keeping the politicos in check, the hypocrisy of "caves" exposed and Dunwoody citizens up to date using FACTS, humor and LOGIC - I want a Dunwoody Talk Blog sign in my yard - you rock!!

Joe Seconder said...

By the way, KEEP your hard copies of the Crier. The on-line version has been changed. It has completely removed the items concerning Norb Leahy, the fiasco from the August 40th District GOP meeting, etc...

Such a shame.

And I don't recall ever where a single person speaks at a council meeting during Public Comment on something that isn't even on the agenda, yet draws a front page response of several hundred words (Parkway). It this NEWS? Is it??? I guess if you don't have the campaign funds (or at least are scared to post it as required by law -- which would show your supporters), you can just go up to Public Comments & get front page coverage... Sweet. Let's remember that for 2015.