Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Heyward Wescott for Dunwoody City Council

I reside in District 1, but keep informed of things in all parts of Dunwoody.  This November there are three separate races for city council spots.  DunwoodyTalk will once again post results live on election night.  We'll have folks checking all the precincts bringing you the most accurate results as soon as they are posted at the polling sights.

For District 2 I support Heyward Wescott.  I've known Heyward and his wife and kids for about ten years.  This endorsement is after careful consideration.  Heyward has a positive message, one I am confident he will back up once elected.  I may not agree with 100% of the things Heyward says, but I do agree with him most of the time (and I'm quite sure Heyward does not agree with some of the content here on the blog). He has proven to be a dedicated guy, always available to help out when you need an extra volunteer.  If you reside in District 2 consider contacting Heyward for a yard sign or hosting a meet & greet with some friends and neighbors.  


Soon we'll post about the  District 3 race and a District 1 issue brewing under the radar. 

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