Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dunwoody Talk Supports Doug Thompson for District 3 Dunwoody CityCouncil

We support Doug Thompson for Dunwoody city council.  It's our belief that he is the best choice going forward the next four years.  If Doug wins and maintains his seat on council, I really hope that Sam Eads stays involved. Sam said a couple of things I liked during the campaign and hopefully he'll get active around Dunwoody.  Best of luck to both candidates, but we are pulling for Doug.  Of the three races this one seems to be the one with the least amount of smack talk.

Please vote for Doug Thompson on Tuesday.


GaryRayBetz said...

As I'm from Chicago you'd think I'd want the Chicago Cubs to finally break their 105 year drought and finally win a world series. But I don't. And I used to even sell hot dogs at Wrigley Field. My selling hook was "Buy a wiener and help free Patty Hearst!!!"

You see, I love drama more than victory. It's more fun to see every year how the Cubs will lose. Will it be sunlight in the outfielders' eyes causing easy fly balls to be dropped? Will it be the curse of the Billy Goat? Will it be Leon Durham's "Gatorade Glove Play"? Or will it be life-long Cub's fan Steve Bartman interfering with the left-fielder? It's all much more delicious than winning! Yes, it is bit of Schadenfreude, but most cathartic.

And now that I've had time to mull over this upcoming local election, I'm thinking I'd rather have the Clean Sweepers win, as it's much more fun around here when the City of Dunwoody loses.

Just think, once the Clean Sweepers' victory is announced come Tuesday night, the little Tea Party Trilbies shall crowd onto Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, hoist up their Svengalian Tea Party puppet-master, and march Dunwoody's version of Hedda's Judge Brack up to the Farm House placing him on the 2nd floor balcony where he may frenetically address his newly elected minions, providing them with instructions for his three year plan for the dismantling of the City of Dunwoody.

And the anticipated hilarity shall ensue through their three year terms! While the Clean Sweepers are busy implementing their lame legislation and regale their mindless followers with jejune screeds during city council meetings and trivialize the Dunwoody Police Department's role in the community by occupying their time with trifling tasks of ticketing bicyclists, over-night parking on the street, households with more than four vehicles, etc., I shall be free to re-cultivate my crawlspace pot farm and re-assemble my meth lab, which I am purported to have.

Oh, such fun we shall have in the ludicrous, incompetent, and neo-totalitarian reign of the Clean Sweepers! As the Clean Sweepers shall misguide Dunwoody like Chicago's lovable losers - the Cubs, the city shall eventually lose, but as this is municipal government and not a sport - the consequences shan't be that of communal pseudo-blues, but very real for each Dunwoody citizen - unkempt and unusable parks, pedestrian and cyclist unfriendly thoroughfares, an unelected Tea Party party boss pulling the strings of his know-nothing / do-nothing lackeys, discordant and ineffective governance, and finally Dunwoody will go the way of perhaps a Flint, Michigan, with essentially worthless property values, as no one will want to raise their family in such a cesspool. And the only one that will be happy, will be sick-twists like me, who love a good catastrophe.

Yeah, for an anarchical time - vote for the Clean Sweepers, every single one of them!!! As Kurt Cobain would sing -

"Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your voice of reason. I feel for Eads. I believe he was sucked in without totally understanding the reality of Dunwoody and what Adrian Bonser's and Brian Anderson's motives are.

Eads has misspoke numerous times and has really damaged his credibility. He has been misled by the above people and he can only blame himself for not researching better.

Go Doug!

Anonymous said...

The least amount of smack talk? Rick, I live in District 3. First of all, Sam Eads is part of this group - if they are all in this together, which they always make a point of saying, because they have "sweeping" plans for Council, then does Sam Eads endorse the low-down actions of the other candidates, and their campaign management, which they are all a part of?? Secondly, while he MAY appear more low key on the surface about the smack talk, he is going door-to-door with a "friend" who is doing his "smack talking" for him, so he can presumably deny culpability later. No matter, he stood there and didn't object.

It's too late for tip-toeing Rick. What these people are doing or ENDORSING, is not honorable, to say the least.

Joe Seconder said...

Hey Copperhead Hunter: Come on, now! What's with the copy/pasting of the same response on all of the local blogs??? & when are you going to provide the information how to order your t-shirts???

GaryRayBetz said...

Hey, Mister Seconder, what's with calling me out about me posting my same comments on all the best loved and most well-read local blogs? Am I supposed to write something different on each one? I'm thinking that someone is jealous that I don't post my Swiftian diatribes as well on his "The Senior Citizen Cyclist Says" blog!

And regarding the Copperhead Hunter T-shirts, you have the least room to talk - I offered you one "sine remittendum" - all you had to do was provide your size.

But if you must know, here is the lowdown on folks who actually want to purchase a Copperhead Hunter T-shirt - my Copperhead Hunter website seems to be having the same issues as the Obamacare site, though I'm suspecting the same denial of service attacks by Tea Party operatives; however, I did fulfill my orders to some lovely local ladies who wanted to wear the most Zeitgeist costume out there, and I am allowing an Atlanta tattoo parlor to copy my left breast tattoo design as it has been in demand as well. And you know all this if you would have viewed my last two Copperhead Hunter - Gary Ray Betz - YouTube videos.

So, now stop bugging me about these T-shirts as you know I shall only respond in a non-sequitur rant, and let the good folks of this city re-elect their incumbents and newly elect Heyward Wescott.

Anonymous said...

Eads has been going door to door with this crazy bi#ch Cheryl, who talks his smack for him. Worst kind of coward. At least Henly is honest about his bigotry, anti-semitism and anger.

Anon said...

Sam Eads has been campaigning with a woman who consistently tells people (even standing at the door with Eads) that she is opposed to a city school district. So, I would say it is hard to trust that he really is for it.

Frankly, given who their primary supporters are, I suspect that none of three actually supports a city school system. They are misleading in order to get votes. Worry about their actions if they are elected!