Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dunwoody League of Women Voters Dunwoody Forum is a Look Backwards

When we hear from candidates we want to know what they see in the future, their vision.  What type of policies do they support?  What will they do once elected?  The League of Women Voters is hosting a candidate forum hear in Dunwoody.  They should call it the Monday Morning Quarterback forum or the HindSight forum.

As is now the norm for all Dunwoody candidate forums, all questions are provided in advance.  This allows those knowing nothing to appear to know something, and allows those involved to craft responses to entertain the audience.  The newspaper reporters should like these forums.  The candidates can simply email their answers to all media, allowing said media to write the story without even attending the event, like Patch.

Questions from The League of  Women Voters:

Questions by Topic

1.     Economic Development      How has the city handled its economic development projects ?
      here is where some candidates will complain about the John Wieland project
2.     Road Maintenance       How has the city handled its road maintenance projects ?
 here is where some candidates will complain about Dunwoody Village Parkway
3.     Park Maintenance      How has the city handled its park maintenance projects ?
 here is where some candidates will complain about the dog park and the Brook Run trail

4.     Respect for Private Property    Does the city respect private property ?
here is where some candidates will complain about the Brook Run trail (on public land but
near homes where people oppose children playing and active adult recreation) and also 
complain about using easements for road improvements and another jab at the parkway. 
5.     Transportation & Master Plans     Do you agree with the city’s master plans ?
 here is where some candidates will complain about bike lanes, the parkway project (again), 
 Vermack/Womack, and a general catch-all for other complaints
6.     Project Process    Does the city use the right designs and project processes ?
       here is where some candidates will complain about Dunwoody Village Parkway, Womack/Vermack, bike lanes, Project Renaissance and John Wieland, and will profess to be experts in all things and tell us consultants are not needed because we in Dunwoody are smart people.

      My issue with the questions is much of it has to do with things already done.  It is good to rehash some things, but at some point you move on.  These questions all lead to a specific issue in the city.  maybe that's good.  But instead of hearing what you would have done differently (aside from actually being involved prior to 60 days ago) tell me what YOU will do for economic development. Tell me your plans for road maintenance. Tell me how you would manage parks.  Tell me about private property (and please know easements give someone else the right to use the land in some way, even if you are 88 years old and live in a log cabin), tell me your vision of designs and processes for certain projects. The questions are loaded more than a baked potato from the Sweet Tomatoes buffet line. 

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Joe Seconder said...

Per the DBC Church representative: Mr. Norb Leahy is the coordinator and arranged to reserve a room on their property. DBC only allowed it after Mr. Leahy said the League of Women Voters is going to run it.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Kelli Persons, the Program Manager at the State office of the League of Women Voters and they are not aware of this event. It is not listed as an Event, nor on their Calendar. Once I started describing HOW it was being conducted and further details, they became very concerned and are going to look into it. In fact, I was told that Belinda Pedroso, listed as the Moderator for the Forum on the 10th, is no longer the President of the DeKalb office.

I provided detailed information (advance questions, forum conduct, Campaign & other Websites, etc.) to the League of Women Voters, Georgia and also directly to Belinda Pedroso, the former President of the DeKalb Chapter of the LWV.

Ms. Pedroso confirmed to me in WRITING that Mr. Leahy contacted her to moderate the Forum.

Here's my message to the Save Dunwoody/Tea Party / Occupy Dunwoody / No to everything Crowd:

Stop hiding behind others and pretending to act as some other organization. Have the chutzpah, come out of the closet & host your OWN Candidate Forum. I had the transparency 2 years ago & held the Sustainability Candidate Forum listing my name as a sponsor. And I was proud to do so for my community. Had a judge as a moderator who chose the questions, which were NOT told to the candidates in advance. Give me a break!! BTW, if I were running for office in Dunwoody under these circumstances, I'd stay home and not legitimize this circus.

& instead of just nagging & complaining, come out and PLANT some trees at Brook Run tomorrow morning!!