Friday, August 16, 2013

Marlow's Dunwoody and FirstWatch Cafe

Lots of excitement on Dunwoody Parkway this week.  No, not the roar of chain saws removing the weeds from the center median, the start of the Parkway project, but rather the announcement of a new eatery in Da Vil.

New signage indicates a breakfast spot, most likely a FirstWatch ,possibly an Egg Harbor Cafe.  Now that the large tree has been removed from the roof of this building workers on readying the spot.

Next door is a DunwodyTalk favorite, Marlow's Tavern.  Next week is the Anniversary Celebration.  Join local celebrities and regular foodies at the event.

Dunwoody Anniversary

And a final note, a peek at two hard-working guys with a big project on their plate:

Mowing the "lawn" at the abandoned lot near Brook Run

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