Friday, July 26, 2013

Vanderlyn Learning Cottage Update

The word is spreading amongst alumni and parents in Ye Olde Vanderlyn territory of the recent removal of the DeKalb Learning Cottages.  Please know these were not your average trailers seen at places like Austin and Peachtree - these 'modulars' had plumbing, AC, and even electricity.  

It sure is nice to see an open field (full of scrap metal and PVC pipe buried treasure), just begging for some grass seed.

Inspired by the openness of the side field area the Vanderlyn principal has issued a new Summer Assignment.  It's called:  I Dream Green.  Students are to create a rendering of the field area - a creation they'd like to see come true.  Grades K-2 can draw their version.  Grades 3-5 need a computer-generated rendering (or a Crayola free-hand) accompanied by a written description.  

July 2013

July 2016?

So the big question:  What and when is replacing the Vanderlyn Learning Cottages?  Well, sources say different (not new, just replacement) learning cottages will be trucked north from Redan High School.  No confirmation on what type of trailers these are, but here is a recent aerial view of Redan and those trailers on the right don't look like the modulars hauled out of Dunwoody.

As mentioned yesterday the Dunwoody Talk staff ventured to the Vanderlyn campus to do some searching.  Take a look at the awesome finds:

These remarkable finds at the Vanderlyn campus create two new concerns.

1.  By the looks of those lead items someone had a gun on school property in June/July in the year 1864.  I researched DeKalb's Zero Tolerance policy and it does transcend generations.  Dunwoody Police, along with DeKalb School Resource Officers, are working with the Dunwoody Crier's Valerie Biggerstaff to find the great great great great grandson of the culprit.  DNA testing will be conducted during Vanderlyn's Open House to link a current student to the 1864 soldier.  

2.  Now that it has been determined that Vanderlyn's campus was the site of either an encampment or actual battle the site will be named an Historic Site and taken over by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust.  The DPT will convert the school to a wedding chapel.  Vanderlyn students will attend Georgia Tech's dual enrollment program in late August and stay there until a new school is built from funds from SPLOST 12.

Take your kid by Vanderlyn today and show them the field so they can dream of recess and PE on that green stuff. 

The good news is that this will reportedly save $12,000 a year (replacing the old modulars).  Hats off to DeKalb to save some money.  

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