Wednesday, July 10, 2013

George Washington, Cynthia McKinney, Vernon Jones mentioned at Dunwoody Protest

The Dunwoody Charter Commission held a meeting July 3rd. Not sure if it was a BYOB event or not, but it seems as a roomful of people showed up to give an earful to the Charter Commission. See original story here. Also on

The Reporter site has a story about the planned improvements to Mount Vernon Road.  Seems as not all people want to see intersection improvements, especially when they are near their home.

So what ever it is suppose to say, don't have it say what Wittenstein says or somebody says it says, have it say what it says in plain English so any imbecile can understand it. That is the logical thing to do.

-Jim Dickson, Save Dunwoody

George Washington crossed the Delaware because they were being ignored.  George Washington is my friend.  I live in Dunwoody and I miss Vernon Jones.

- Jeanette Smith - Save Dunwoody


Anonymous said...

Do you think that either one of these people has any idea how much damage to their credibility statements like that cause?? Probably not. Just add em to the heap with PC Joe.

Bob Lundsten said...

This is a committee that thinks it has more power and influence than it really does.
Some of the suggestions and ideasthat have been thrown around have bordered on the aburd ( setting asite money to have an overview committee)
I will wage that Tom, Mike and Fran wil take these recommendations and do what the Sandy Spring legislators did with their Charter Committee recommendations, Throw most of them in the trash.
All the complaining about the Mayor and memebers of the Council is a flash back to the complaining that Dunwoody residents did about the DeKalb BOC. "they don't listen"
There is an election comong up , so all those who complain, put a candidate up to run for one of the offices. You get to vote every two years. last time I check there have never been dozens of people standing in line to Run.
Jim D has been a complainer since my early days on the DHA. OK Jim, stop your whinning and rum for office. Jeanette, same hold true for you. Get a candidate, raise money and get that person elected.
If you disagree with Mike, start now to get him out of office.
I feel the real world problem is that this group does not have a person who cold be a viable candidate.
And while I do not always agree with Warren, he has taken a city from nothing and turned it into one of the most respected in the state. He balances the needs of the citizens, brings his vision to the council and sees Dunwoody for what it can be.
Trust me we need him more than he needs us.
If you want him out convince the current council to fire him (goodluck with that) or once again, elect your own candidates and do it youself.
Bring Back Vernon Jones? Really? that is a dead give away that some folks have no idea of what they are talkng about

Anonymous said...

The Save Dunwoody people raise some justified concerns for the citizens of our town. Many of the current city council members, as well as the city manager, have made great errors in judgement that have resulted in our new city being looked upon unfavorably by others.

As far as those who dislike Dekalb, remember, our city is kept "afloat" by the county through trash, water, animal control, fire,

Five years later, we are not really an independant city, just a rebellious segment of Dekalb county...and that is sad!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for printing this. There are many people who are happy with the City of Dunwoody. They are not going to all of these meetings and shouting about it. They are busy enjoying their lives. I appreciate that these citizens are looking out for our community. But honestly the more I read about their complaints, I feel sorry for them. Some people are never happy and are always looking at the half empty glass. There are so many worthy causes out that there. They could use their time and energy (because apparently they have a lot of it)and really make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately these fruit loops are giving Dunwoody a huge black eye. It would be tremendously helpful if Jim Dixon would arrange a Jim jones, make some special coo-lade, have a vigil in the woods of Brook Run, and meet their supreme leader on the master star ship.

Anonymous said...

"It would be tremendously helpful if Jim Dixon would arrange a Jim jones, make some special coo-lade, have a vigil in the woods of Brook Run, and meet their supreme leader on the master star ship."......Your advocating the death of fellow citizens for expressing their political opinion...And you believe they are giving Dunwoody a black eye?