Friday, July 26, 2013

Flood Plain or No Flood Plain?

A few days ago we posted what now seems as bad information.  The homes behind Brook Run are not all in a FEMA flood plain and home buyers there do not sign  any paperwork acknowledging any such thing.


From Dunwoody's GIS web site

The folks living on Lake Village Dr and Village Dr have Brook Run park as their backyard.  For over a decade the park has remained mostly unused.  I think these people got a bad deal when Vernon Jones put in that dog park.  The 2nd day of city hood that dog park should have been removed.  It's still there.  In fact, the city plans to spend over $100,000 on moving the dog park.  I have a better idea - don't "move" but instead "remove".  No one on council wants their backyards tampered with so why allow that dog park to remain?  For the people living near it a move is a good thing.  My theory is that if it is a bad thing to live by then move it out completely.  Hopefully this will be a campaign issue.  

The Brook Run trail is a done deal and everyone needs to accept it.  The city will not be ripping up that concrete anytime soon.  I think the trail will be an asset to the park and city and will get lots of use.  An 8-foot or 10-foot wide version would have been a better compromise but we are beyond that.  Like Dunwoody Parkway, it's a done deal so move on and focus on things that can be changed.

The big question with the newly built trail:  Is more or less water entering private property and flooding yards and/or homes? Has the trail helped move water into storm water culverts and ditches, improving the conditions for nearby homeowners?

Homeowners are welcome to submit photos if water is damaging their property, due to the trail being built.  Please don't send me photos of cut trees or a count of trees cut for the trail.  The tree canopy in Dunwoody and Georgia is greater than many other civilized/occupied places on Earth.  The World will not implode and your grand kids will not suffer a cruel death if we cut another 600 trees for a soccer field or two, or three.

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