Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dunwoody Talk Blog #1 on Google Dunwoody Blogs

Thanks readers for making Dunwoody Talk #1 on Google when searching 'Dunwoody Blogs'.  Years of wasted dedicated hours and biased fact-finding, truth-revealing keystrokes have moved us to the Number 1 spot, unseating King John's 8-year reign atop Google search.

"King John had a great run.  He's still #1 when you search 'Dunwody blog', but we now own the plural version of that search," commented cub reporter Chip, fresh back from a 14-month hiatus.  

"Our ad rates will increase just a bit, but still be competitive.  Political season is approaching so we need to get the new rate cards out to the PACs and campaign managers.  This two-week quiet period allows us time to make some adjustments," commented DT's editor.

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