Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dunwoody Council Races Soon to be Actual Races

A group of loosely organized residents has suddenly become more organized and have announced a slate of candidates for three city council positions. This trio is calling themselves Clean Sweep.  Right out of the political playbook to come up with a catchy name. See HERE.  But it will take more than a catchy slogan to earn votes in Dunwoody.

This group started as the Red Shirts, then transitioned to Save Dunwoody.  The term Occupy Dunwoody has been now coined, but met with little fan fare from some. The trio, represented by one speaker at a recent council meeting (they all left after their announcement, appearing not too interested in the actual business of running a city and not staying for their first full city council meeting since becoming a candidate) claims to have no connection to Save Dunwoody.  It is just a coincidence that their statement resembles those of Save Dunwoody, and it is just coincidental that a Save Dunwoody representative told me they would have three candidates.  Are they too embarrassed to admit with whom they are friends/allies?  Why not fess up and take claim?  Is Save Dunwoody an unregistered political action committee?  Does SaveDunwoody still exist or has it been mothballed with the Red Shirts? 

So what is the goal of Clean Sweep Save Dunwoody?

Are they saving us from higher taxes?  No.  The city council already voted to keep tax rates the same.

Are they saving us from crime?  No.  I have not heard for a call to increase the police staff from this group.  If anything, I have heard group members grumbling that the police department is too big and is power-hungry.  

Are they saving us from $5 tomatoes?  No.  

Are they saving us from all this rain?  No.  I have not heard any members of this group discuss viable options to reduce rainfall in Dunwoody.

Are they saving us from developing Brook Run into a park where active children and adults can go to play organized sports?  Maybe.  This group strongly opposed the new trail/walkway in Brook Run.  

Let's hear their message(s).  Candidates can email this blog at if they want something posted or want to meet.  Perhaps we will all benefit from three competitive races and insightful ideas. 

The trio has requested a two-week quiet period (why not wait two weeks to announce?), so it will be a while before we hear more about them.  Here's to an exciting political season in Dunwoody.

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