Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An OD member placed this flier on mailboxes around Dunwoody

First off, I am glad to see residents around town getting involved in city government.  Now, if we could get this same energy in local schools, that would be excellent.

1.  The mayor was elected and not part of the Spruill Donaldson Redfield Womack bloodline, therefore he is ineligible to be our King.  However, if he were the King, I do think he would have plenty of jesters to entertain him.  He would also not have a Charter Commission but would instead simply decree a new fire department and assess your wealth at a rate much higher than the $175 a year the average homeowner pays to Dunwoody.

2.  Contrary to popular belief no one has a Federal Right to Vote.  It's not in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. But yes, the State of Georgia does have laws on voting.  And neither the mayor or king of Dunwoody can take that from you.  

3.  Council members nominate citizens for committees then the mayor uses these nominations to form committees.  This is a city rule, made long before Mayor Davis entered office.  I think only one of hundreds of people nominated by council were not selected by a mayor as suggested by council members.  And Occupy Dunwoody should know two members (including the Chair) of the city's Community Council are in fact card-holding members of Occupy Dunwoody, and one is even the Dunwoody Tea Party leader.  I will add that Norb has proven to be an excellent Chair on that committee.  If you want to be on a committee I suggest you email your local council member.  

4.  Yes, I trust the elected mayor and council to make decisions for me.  And the only crazy idea I recall was the ice skating rink for Dunwoody Village.  And the mixed-use MARTA apartment/HUD/Section 8 plan mentioned by a developer.

5.  If your right to vote is denied at the polling place I suggest you file a Federal lawsuit.  You can also email and write letters to council members.  Or, you can speak during public comment.  

6.  I suggest dining at Fleming's Steak House or Taco Mac or Cafe Intermezzo if you are in the Perimeter area.  If you are low on cash there is a fancy McDonald's.  I don't recommend the mall food court as parking is bad there since mall management hijacked all those spaces for valet parking.  At Fleming's the filet is great.  I suggest the cream-corn as your side.

7.  Ah yes, the media.  Of course the commission members, your King and His court could care less about TV cameras.  I think the Dunwoody Reporter video Dan posted was enough video evidence needed for this case.

8.  Actually the Charter Commission is the first step in this process.  The commission hands over their findings to Rep Taylor, Senator Millar, and some guy from Brookhaven for the final decision.  And again, your voting rights are not in danger.

9.  If you have a family then you are wasting your time attending a Charter commission meeting.  Even if they vote to allow the city to start a fire department and increase the tax rate, this will cost the average Dunwoody household about $5 a year.  That's right.  OD is fighting hour after hour for $5.  Meanwhile NO ONE attends DeKalb School Board meetings, very few people volunteer at the local schools, very few engage with local schools for projects, fundraising, after school programs, etc.  And DeKalb School District is confiscating $3500 (not $5) from you every year.  Please read that again.  $3500 versus $5 and 100+ people put their energy for weeks toward the charter commission?  Mind0numbing, right?  I know, it's the principal of the thing.  Yeah, right.  If OD wants a true fight, one worth fighting, start by looking at the DeKalb School System.  If you are so concerned about property values and money and rule of law, go read DeKalb School Watch blog and Stan Jester's Fact Checker blog.  It's not too complicated.

OD, please stay involved as open dialogue is a good thing.  But let's focus on things that matter.  I understand your complaints on the trail and Dunwoody Parkway, but this Charter Commission thing is being blown out of reality. 



Anonymous said...

Well stated, Dunwoody Talk!
Occupy Dunwoody needs to raise a serious ruckus and work on getting a city school district.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rick. These people do not seem well-informed, nor do they present their grievances in a rational, intelligent way that is not angry and hateful. Hopefully, the people who were unfortunate enough to get this junk mail delivered to their homes have skills in critical thinking, and can see it for what it is.
That flyer is disgusting, and I have to wonder how much they are being fueled by the paranoid and delusional councilwoman AB.

Anonymous said...

Lets see, the Governor suspended the DeKalb County School Board last Spring.
Just a day or two ago he suspended the DeKalb County CEO.
Numerous folks within the DeKalb Schools are on under RICO statue investigations (think Sammy "The Bull" Gravano).
Another man was murdered when he was Elected Sheriff of DeKalb...

Do the OD folks really want T-shirts saying they support these institution?

If they want to maintain/increase increase property values and quality of life, then an independent school district is where to focus.

Washington only crossed the Delaware because Womack/Vermack/Mt. Vernon were too clogged during the morning rush hour-

Anonymous said...

Great post DT! You have nailed it. Would love to see this run in the Crier letter to the editor section. I'm so tired of seeing the same people complain.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06 PM,

Actually we don't want OD working toward the new school district. That is already being handled by our elected Rep and Senator. The fewer things OD touches the better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a taste of sanity....sorely needed these days around here.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, yet woefully polemic Patch Editor misstates Charter Commission objectives.

"The recommendation includes a millage rate cap for fire and emergency services, but no requirement for a public vote if the City Council and Mayor choose to exceed that cap." THIS IS WRONG!!!

I expect another big turnout of residents tonight, and they will hear the facts.

There is no effort to enact a 'backdoor tax increase,' or any increase in the net amount citizens pay for services, IF EVER a Fire Department is approved.

There was never, ever, ever a 'taking' of anyone's right to vote. Fact is, the Charter gives Council the right to vote on a new Fire service, if it did not cost any more than the current millage cap.

Tonight, the Charter Commission will discuss how to give taxpayers a credit what we currently pay for Fire service [to DeKalb] IF Dunwoody EVER chooses to join other Doraville, Chamblee in combined Fire service, thus keeping the cost the same. If the cost is higher, we VOTE, no question about that. asked.

The beginning of the political 'silly season' is upon us - Maybe that's the reason behind the hoopla. I hope the three new candidates sensibly distance themselves from this sort of unhelpful misinformation.

Irma said...

This is great!