Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dunwoody Week 4 Results June 2013

Fontainebleau pool and club house

Only one week left of the 2013 neighborhood swim season.  The meets are still exciting and provide exercise for the kids and social time for the adults. The rain moved out and the swimmers moved in Tuesday night.

Fontainebleau 5??   Zaban ???
Fontainebleau defeated Zaban last night.  We don't know the official score, but they won and are now 3-1 on the season (see comment section).  Our apologies to Fontainebleau for forgetting about our friends over in the '60' east side.  Fontainebleau lost in Week 1 to Kingsley and has since won three in a row.  One of the smaller teams (Chastian and Garden Hills have more 7&8 year olds than Fontainebleau's entire team). 

Garden Hills 547  Redfield 239
Garden Hills, one of the Super Clubs (along with Brookwood Hills and Chastain) put up a huge victory over the Redfield Sun Devils.  One good thing about going to a Super Club site is the have six lanes in the pool, making the meet slightly quicker.  The 308 point spread may be the largest of the year, not that we keep track of such a thing. Redfield drops its second in a row.  Redfield visits The Branches next week and needs a win to go to 3-2 on the season.  This loss will most likely drop Redfield from our Top5 rankings.

Georgetown 431  The Branches  367
Georgetown moves to 4-0 on the season and has a crucial match-up next week against Roxboro (more on this later).  Georgetown Pride is alive and well.  The Branches team seems to be having an off year. They had a tough schedule this season, facing Vermack and Chastain park, and new powerhouse Georgetown.  Things get a little easier next week with Redfield coming to town.  One good thing about an off season - your ranking drops the following year - creating a different schedule.  Perhaps next year The Branches will get meets with Wynterhall and Village Mill.

Kingsley 329  Deerbrooke Waters 200
The lowest scoring meet of the season - we did not have Chip (and where has Chip been as of late?) or one of our cub reporters there, but perhaps this was a shortened meet based on the score.


Regardless, Kingsley is now 4-0 on the season and talks of a trophy shelf in their nice club house are ongoing.  Kingsley has a nice club house, as does Mill Glen.  Spencer B set a pool record in the 25 free and one of their medley relays teams (Bradham, Hawkins, Bragg, Hatmaker) set a new record as well.  Kingsley hosts the DCC (Dunwoody Country Club) next week and should win.  Too bad Kingsley did not face Georgetown or Vermack this season, but by going 5-0 this season they can expect to compete against them in June 2014.

Mill Glen 424  Dunwoody North 364
Mill Glen pulls even to 2-2 on the season after a tough 0-2 start.  Mill Glen travels to Gainsborough to finish the season.  Like the fine folks at Wynterhall, as long as the Mill Glen posse members have a Solo cup in hand all is well.  The Mill Glen swim team won't be hauling in any hardware this season but perhaps the dive team will.  Dunwoody North is now 1-3 and faces Village Mill next.  You may recall Village Mill lost a tough one by only two points to Mill Glen so Dunwoody North needs to have a good outing to get win #2 from Team Strawberry.

Village Mill 467  Wynterhall  329
Village Mill rebounds after a tough loss and easily handles Wynterhall.  Wynterhall drops to 0-4 but does have a chance next week against the Zaban Sharks. On the plus side Wynterhall will not face any of the Super Clubs next season.  The woods near the Wynterhall pool suffered a few casualties from last week's storm but the Wynterhall folks handle there things in a calm and laid-back manner. Village Mill can finish off a decent season with a win next week against Dunwoody North.

Vermack 436  Roxboro 358
It's Vermack with the win, their 3rd in a row, moving to 3-1 on the season.  Their lone loss to a SuperClub in Week 1.  Next week the Vikings face Hanover West, who last week beat Roxboro by 100.  Cream-filled donuts galore for Vermack kids.

Regarding end of season rankings, next week will tell us what we need to know. If Vermack pulls off the upset next week they are nearly a definite #1 for the final rankings.  But 4-0 Georgetown faces Roxboro next week.  If Georgetown defeats Roxboro, like Vermack did, then Georgetown earns #1 ranking.  No pressure on Georgetown - just beat Roxboro by 78 points next week and capture the crown.  If both of these teams lose big it could open the door for Kingsley to be #1.

If you walk up to a swim meet with no knowledge of the two teams, the winning team will be the one that has the most kids wearing swim caps.  And you can recognize year-round swimmers as after a race they stay in the pool until all participants finish the race.  Even if they lap a kid twice in an IM, they show respect and wait in the pool.

Vikings Rule the Waterways of Dunwoody

photos by Veronica

Week 4 Rankings
1.  Georgetown  (last week #1) (11 of 20 1st place votes)

2.  Vermack (last week #2) (8 of 20 1st place votes)

3.  Kingsley (last week #3) (1 of 20 1st place votes)

4.  Fontainebleau (last week un-ranked)

5.  Mill Glen (last week #5)

Our closest vote yet.  Our 50 voters are torn on who is Number One.


Anonymous said...

Nothing for Fontainebleauin the last few weeks? We are 3-1. Scored over 500 points in each of the last 2 meets. We have a very strong team considering we on have 60+ swimmers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take a drive over to the "strawberry team's" pool as the Village Mill Vipers finish their already rescheduled meet against The Branches. They are meeting again to finish the second half of the meet that the Vipers were winning when the storms hit on Thursday June 13th.

And ALL of the Village Mill Vipers stay in the pool until every swimmer has finished the race. Sportsmanship is a big thing down at the Mill and perhaps that is one of the many reasons why they are having a GREAT (way better than decent) season where the one meet that they did lose was only by 2 points, that a starter decided the winner of 3 events not in Village Mill's favor.

DunwoodyTalk said...

Please post the results and VM's record. We were not able to get all the Village Mill scores this season. And you can email some photos for us to post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Branches ended up squeezing out the win against Village Mill 406-387. However half of the Village Mill team must have been out strawberry picking because they were down 60 swimmers. Both teams swam great! This now makes Village Mill 2-2. Even though the record may not say it, Village Mill has had a great season and both losses were within a few close races.