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Dunwoody Week 3 June 11 2013 Swim Scores

It was a sticky, humid night in Dunwoody last night.  No breeze and big crowds gathered around swimming pools while bullpen moms chase down kids - the good life.

Redfield 440  Brittany Club 352
Redfield has only two home meets this year, and Tuesday was the last of those two.  The grilled chicken sandwiches were awesome as was the swimming.  The Brittany Barracudas made the trip from Brookhaven, coming off a big win last week over Wynterhall. The Red Devils showed no mercy on their neighbors to the south.  The meet was very close through the night, with Redfield pulling ahead in the final 20 events.  Brittany Club has lots of swimmers, submitting multiple heats for nearly all events, including young-kid IMs.  Redfield goes to 2-1 on the season but faces monster swim team Garden Hills next week.  Things look better in Week 5 for Redfield with a trip to The Branches.

Redfield and Brittany Club

Georgetown 471  Wynterhall 325
As expected last week's #1 ranked team defeated the fine folks of Wynterhall.  Georgetown is now 3-0 and hosts The Branches next week.  Georgetown really wants to go 5-0 on the season but The Branches stands in the way.  CBS advertising is rumored to be applying for a special permit for an 'Eat My Bubbles" electronic billboard for the 285/Chamblee Dunwoody Rd exit ramp.  Wynterhall hosts Village Mill next week and has a chance at victory.

Mill Glen 399 Village Mill 397
A real nail-biter last night among the bugs and wooded area of da Mill.  A 2 point loss is a tough one for Village Mill.  One of the 80+ events made the difference.  Mill Glen faces Dunwoody North next week.  Village Mill heads up the road to Wynterhall next week and hopes to rebound with a win.  After the meet last night all boys were accounted for after what was perhaps a quick game of ManHunt.

From a local resident:
I think you would be hard pressed to find a better, closer, or more exciting meet in Dunwoody summer swim league annals. The meet was even closer than the 299-297 final score could indicate, as every other race seemed to be a photo finish. In all, 23 of the 86 events were decided by less than 1 second, including 7 relays.  What a tough night to be a finish judge. One race was decided by the referee against the lane timers' numbers, 2 events were decided by 0.01 second, and event 85 (girls 15-18 free relay) was called a dead heat tie.  I've never felt such excitement at a summer league meet as during the final few relays when all the little ones were circled around the pool screaming for their older teammates. It was quite a sight and really what summer league is all about.

Vermack 467  The Branches 329

Video above is from Bushwood Country Club, located in north Dunwoody somewhere

It's a lot of work preparing for a home swim meet.  The moms and dads in charge of concessions need to buy burgers, hot dogs, buns, soda, candy, napkins, plates, etc.  The sound system is tuned, lawn chairs rearranged.  Posters made.  And then it happens - "It's no big deal" says Bill Murray.  A Baby Ruth.

Kidding aside, glad to see safety being #1 concern for the swimmers.  And besides, Vermack likes to host events.  The Vermack mamas took charge, made a Costco run, ordered some pizza and Chick fil A, and it was On Like Donkey Kong. DJ Vermack was able to fly back for a night from his monthly gig at Hakkasan at the Vegas MGM, to the delight of the young boys and girls of Vermack and The Branches.  Hats off to the Vermack Vikings - at the drop of a dime they put it together.  Vermack faces Roxboro next week then finishes with Hanover West.  The Branches have a big meet next week at Georgetown.

Kingsley  488  Deerfield Spalding Lake  275
Kingsley is for real, now 3-0.  Looking at the Kingsley schedule they could go 5-0 this season.  Week they face DCC but we think Kingsley can do it.  Don't expect Kingsley to move up in the rankings yet due to strength of schedule, but winning 3-0 is a great accomplishment.

Zaban Sharks 374  Huntcliff 337

Hampton Hall South 445  Dunwoody North 348
Dunwoody North drops its second straight and faces a tough Mill Glen team next week.  Dunwoody North heads to Village Mill in Week 5.

Village Burger was packed last night as swimmers and parents from Redfield moved in, joined by neighbors from Mill Glen and Wynterhall.  After the next next week join us at Village Burger.

Week 3 Rankings
1.  Georgetown  (last week #1)
2.  Vermack (last week #2)
3.  Kingsley (last week #3)
4.  Redfield (last week unranked)
5.  Mill Glen (last week unranked)

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