Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dunwoody Tree Removal Process

I just received Councilman Shortal's 'Dunwoody Update' and there is some good information in his eblast relating to tree limbs and larger than usual tree items.

Normally DeKalb picks up these yard waste items on Wednesday.  The items need to be cut in four foot lengths and stacked at the curb.  The easier you make it for the DeKalb Sanitation workers the quicker those items get picked up.  The trucks do not have a hoist or crane so if the item weights too much it is not being pick up on a normal pickup.

Extra pickup days for yard waste on Friday and Saturday this week

But GOOD news: (from Councilman Shortal's email)

For those bigger items ... large limbs, tree trunks. etc. this is called a Special Pick-up and to have these items picked up you have to call DC Sanitation @ 404-294-2900 to schedule someone to come out and give you an estimate of cost (there are actually DC Sanitation Reps touring our area as I write this giving estimates w/o being called). They tell me the cost is roughly $50 to $100 / truck load (that appears to be a very fare price to me). If you are not home when the DC Rep comes out they will attach the estimate to your front door or mailbox. If you decide to have DC pick up the items then you must prepay via one of the following four methods
 (1) auto phone method

 (2) on-line method [(there is a $4 charge for methods (1) & (2)] ... here is their website    ...  

(3) you send a check to ... DC Sanitation Division, 3720 Leroy Scott Dr, Decatur, GA 30032  

(4) you can drive down and pay in person. Please keep in mind folks there is a lot of yard debris around our city so your patience will be required.

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