Monday, June 10, 2013

Dunwoody Council Recap June 10, 2013

Community Development Grants
Dunwoody Council declined to move forward on signing a consent agreement with DeKalb for Community Grants through HUD.  Great news.  Councilman Nall mentioned that City should not get grant then find a project, but instead possibly seek grants for already decided projects.  Councilwoman Bonser also spoke against the agreement since the City could not pull out later.  King John opposed also.  No action taken despite the semi-serious sales attempt by Ms. Kimberly.

Budget Amendment
Chris Pike presenting - nice job by Chris, as usual.  Glad he did not jump ship to Brookhaven.  Chris discussed some budget items but I nodded off for a few minutes, missing most of what he was talking about.  They discussed Storm Water system, Georgetown project, meals for bailiffs, etc.

Millage Rate
Rate stays the same.  If your taxes went up blame the assessors at DeKalb or blame whomever is responsible for the alleged increase in your home value.  The large majority of your tax bill is for schools and DeKalb County 'services'.  Very little of your taxes go to the City of Dunwoody.

MARTA Advertising
City Council discussed agreement with MARTA, sharing 50% of ad revenue at the bus shelters in Dunwoody.   There are 12 MARTA shelters with ads in Dunwoody.  I'm not sure of the old nasty bench in front of Dunkin Donuts is a MARTA bench or not. 

King John asked if we could remove the shelters.  We can but need to reimburse some ad company.  Those things can't be worth much.  King John also questioned the shelter's compliance to the city's sign ordinance and wants the MARTA ads removed from the city.  Councilwoman Lynn said shelters are needed but not the ads.

Roswell Bus Shelter
Roswell MARTA shelter

Possible Dunwoody MARTA shelter
"edible Bus Shelter" made with bamboo, and imagine cucumber vines growing up the sides.  Compliments of Sustainable Pattie

Take a look HERE at Roswell.

The city legal guy says there is a contract valid until 2022 for the advertising and the shelters.  If Dunwoody did not sign is this 2022 contract legal?  By not paying us commissions has MARTA voided this contract.  Councilman Heneghan made some great points about the shelters/ads.  Don't get his Irish up!  King John makes the great point that CBS and MARTA put these shelters where people will see the ads, not where the shelters are needed.  Go get 'em, John. Look for this MARTA / CBS advertising issue to grow.  CBS has many lawyers and lots of money.

Streetlights for the PCID
Lights at '285' and Ashford Dunwoody are a good thing. $565 a month for lights at '285'.  Maybe CBS can put up some super-bright illuminated MARTA shelters to light up the area instead?  PCID puts up around $200,000 for the lights, and city pays the monthly costs.  Sounds good to me.

Closing Comments
Councilwoman Bonser spoke about ethics charges and wanted some questions answered about ethics hearings.  Councilman Shortal spoke about new fire department possibilities.  City residents pay DeKalb about $6 million for fire protection.  Shortal said it would be wrong for council to increase taxes by $60 a year (on average) to have our own fire department (or share with neighboring cities). 


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