Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do You Trust DeKalb and HUD for Housing Grants in Dunwoody?

On Monday's city council agenda is discussion to sign a Cooperative Agreement with DeKalb County.  The purpose of this agreement is to allow the City of Dunwoody to apply for Community Development Block Grants.

And what is the purpose of these grants?  "to expand economic opportunities for low and moderate income persons" and focuses on "providing decent housing, a suitable living environment".

The first mayor/council did not sign the agreement in 2011because they felt the DeKalb County could make the Grant decisions, not Dunwoody.  In the newest memorandum on the topic our city staff says not true, that Dunwoody would have to sign off on any grants to be used for HUD or other type of housing grants.

So, do we rely on the city's legal staff and sign?  Or, do we (council and mayor) not sign since the city does not qualify, allowing perhaps other cities to take advantage of this program? 

Let your council and mayor know how you feel about signing an Agreement with HUD and DeKalb County today, before Monday night's meeting.

You can read more HERE.

And a final thought, why was staff attending a workshop detailing the requirements and application process for 2014 Community Development Block Grants?  Whose idea was this?  Or, was this one part of a workshop that had discussions of things actually relevant to Dunwoody?

The memo states Dunwoody as a city does not qualify for the grants.  I know other parts of DeKalb may benefit from these grants. 

Here's a piece at HuffPo on 'Moving to Opportunity'.

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Max said...

There are voices in Dunwoody that say Federal funds should not be used, in any way as they contribute to unsustainable debt. These funds come in the form of either State administered or direct grants.

This statement is true, taken in absolute terms. I believe that balance is the key to using Federal money. If the grant funds a capital need, it is a lever that lowers my property tax.

Every governing authority in America takes their piece of Federal pie; in fact, Georgia takes more Federal dough than it receives, roughly $1.11 for every dollar given.

Does accepting Federal grants make a material difference to US debt?

Obviously, no.

The $200K 'tank' was acquired using Federal money, through a GEMA grant.
Is that the last $200K in the US Treasury? No, it is the most recent $200K we borrowed from ourselves, and then China. To me, the tank grant addresses a mutual North Atlanta SWAT security need to have our own equipment and be independent.

What it comes down to is how are we willing to pay for our jollies?

Do we directly pay for our needs from our property taxes, bonds, etc. OR are we content to do what every other State, County, and City does and leverage our buying power through grants?

Most will choose the latter, though some attribute folly in this Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, until EVERYONE else decides to lay off the government cheese, nobody will be first.

I support the idea of Council having the choice to decide if Dunwoody should evaluate HUD grants, which had been previously denied them.

I hope Council will address use of Federal grants in terms o what we need and not what we want, as well.

Dunwoody should pay for wants with our own money.