Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dive Night Wednesday, Tuesday Swim Night in Dunwoody

Tonight's swim meets:

Brittany Club at Redfield
Dunwoody North at Hampton Hall
Fontainebleau at Deerbrooke Waters
Georgetown at Wynterhall
Kingsley at Deerfield Spalding Lake
Mill Glen at Village Mill
Vermack at The Branches The Branches at Vermack

Zaban at Huntcliff

After the swim meet join neighbors at Village Burger for a late night snack and drink.

Dive Meets
Tuesday nights are reserved for swimming in Dunwoody, but Wednesday nights are reserved for dive meets.  Best thing about diving - meets are over by 8pm at the latest so plenty of time for dollar tacos at Los Rancheros.  Kingsley, Branches, Wynterhall, Redfield, Mill Glen and DCC all have dive teams in Dunwoody.  Vermack has an in-house dive team, hopefully they will join the big league next summer.  
Mill Glen and DCC are in the north division while the rest of Dunwoody is in the south division.  
Weather has not been kind to the dive meet schedules thus far this season.

One final score from last week was Mill Glen 61, DCC 40.  Mill Glen managed the age groups well and beat DCC for the first time ever.  As we receive weekly scores, the information will be posted here - the official dive meet site of the summer.
Dive meets are much different than a swim meet.  Instead of 300 kids expect 40 or so.  And instead of a loud crowd it is quiet.  It's similar to attending a volleyball match versus an ALTA tennis match. 

May 22
AAC 51 ROS 54 (unofficial)
WLC 61 DCC 46
GH 36 SMY 46

May 29
DCC 61 AAC 38 (unofficial)
ROS 38 STI 69
WLC 51 MG 54
WYN 64 SRS 46
BWH 62 TB 46
SMY 37 KRS 51
 Send your swim and dive photos to dunwoodyparent@gmail.com


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