Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dunwoody Week 1 Swim Results May 2013

The weather was perfect for a swim meet Tuesday evening.  Sun, not too humid, no rain, no thunder.  Two soccer clubs had tryouts so a few athletes from most of the teams were not in action, and some viral thing floating around took out a few youngsters for Week 1.

Brittany Club 453  Mill Glen 339
Mill Glen had a great year last year, and they have a tougher schedule for 2013.  Brittany Club dominates across the board.  Brittany Club (located in the Brookhaven area, inside 285) hosts Wynterhall next week then heads to Redfield in Week 3.  Expect Brittany Club to go to 3-0 to start the season.  Mill Glen needs to get healthy quick as it faces crosstown rival Georgetown next week.  It may be Week 3 at Village Mill before Mill Glen tastes victory.

Chastain 483  Vermack 307
As predicted SuperClub Chastain takes out Dunwoody's Vermack in Week 1.  Chastain has 850 swimmers on its roster, 275 are college-bound with swim scholarships so it's a tough place to swim.  The pool at Chastain is simply awesome.  Chastain makes the drive to The Branches next week and will be 2-0 to start the season, as usual.  Vermack hosts Redfield next week.  DJ Vermack has his 2013 playlist saved on his i-Touch and 1000 watts x 3 of audio will fill the air next Tuesday.  Super-Secret video surveillance installed at Vermack in the off-season to keep an eye on all the trophies and the sno-cone machine.  As a bonus, 4000 tadpoles were released by the Georgia DNR in the storm water ditch  creek by the Vermack pool so the young boys will be entertained all evening. Vermack gets in the win column next week as Vermack looks to start a 3-week win streak, the Redfield SunDevils don't have the depth this year to handle Vermack.

Chastain pool

Dunwoody North 408  Dunwoody Country Club 373
A few days ago we predicted a close match, and close it was on Tuesday.  Dunwoody North starts the season strong and visits rival Kingsley next week. The Dunwoody North versus Kingsley match-up will be a close match.  It will be broadcast on Dunwoody's public access channel (Comcast channel 24) live and then in replay throughout the week.  Dunwoody North has a chance to go 4-1 or possibly 5-0 this season.  We had many emails looking for info on the Dunwoody North Memorial Day pool volleyball games, but sorry, we did not have a staff member there.  We have no official results of the Dunwoody North volleyball, but we heard of several face plants.  Also, a kid named Jimmy set a new Memorial Day record playing 4-Square at Dunwoody North. He held the 'king' square for 12 minutes, knocking out 37 kids in a row.  Congrats to the Dunwoody North 4-Square players.  DCC visits Roxboro next week and visits Kingsley in Week 5.

Georgetown 468  Gainsborough 325
We thought this would be close but it was not.  Georgetown takes care of business in Week 1. Like Dunwoody North, Georgetown can go 5-0 this season.  A week 4 meet with The Branches stands in the way of an undefeated season for Georgetown.  Rumor has it many G-Town swimmers have been beefing up at Farm Burger the past few months, gaining strength for the IM races.  Georgetown goes to Mill Glen next week in a must-win meet for both teams.  Mill Glen does not want an 0-2 start, and G-town swim moms already ordered "Undefeated" temporary tattoos for the swim team.

Kingsley 462  Fontainebleau 328
We were wrong on this meet.  We picked Fontainebleau based on the odds at the HorseShoe Casino in Tunica, MS.  We are glad to see Kingsley won.  Did that Captain Kingsley guy make a guest appearance to fire up the swimmers in the bullpen?  In pre-season previews, the Week 2 match-up between Kingsley and Dunwoody North was not a hot item and no TV or radio stations put it on the schedule, but things may change.  At the least, one of the Dunwoody HAM operators may put this meet on the airwaves.  No offense to the fine folks at Kingsley, but we pick Dunwoody North next week.  If Kingsley wins, we'll buy a round for a few of the Kinsgley Posse at O'Brians.

Redfield 454  Wynterhall 335
Redfield moms served up their famous pasta bowls to the many kids in attendance, keeping the concession stand area busy.  An informal study of all the swim/tennis clubs shows us that the people from Wynterhall are the most pleasant (no, I am not a member there nor am I receiving commissions for any new membership sales) to hang out with at a pool.  The DunwoodyTalk staff travels all around Dunwoody on swim night, taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Dunwoody, and anytime we mingle with Wynterhall it's a good night. Of course ALL the swim/tennis clubs are full of great people.  Well, enough of that soft talk.  Redfield easily handles Wynterhall in the pool and starts out 1-0.  The meet ended at 8:58 PM, a new record.  The pool deck was cleared of youngsters and left-behind goggles by 9:45 PM.  The referee at a meet sets the tone and pace, and the ref at Redfield last night was awesome.  Too bad not all meets ended by 9 PM.  Next week Redfield invades Vermack.  As mentioned earlier, Vermack will take care of aquatic business next week and go to 1-1. Redfield may have had their first and only taste of victory in Week 1, but the meets are decided in the pool, not by a keyboard.  Redfield has a tough schedule, finishing the season in The Branches Zone.

Zaban 401  Deerfield Spd Lake 317
Our apologies to the Zaban swimmers.  We left Zaban out quite simply because we did not know Zaban was the team from Dunwoody's MJCCA.  Now we know.  Zaban wins in Week 1 and hosts Hampton Hall next week.  Zaban finishes the season at Wynterhall.  If someone from the Zaban Sharks can send us some info we'd like to include it for next week.

We really don't like to do Dunwoody rankings after Week 1, but our sponsors think it boosts web traffic, so here we go:

Week 1 Rankings
#1  Georgetown
#2  Dunwoody North
#3  Vermack
#4  Kingsley
#5  Redfield

Week 1 Sponsor is ?????.  Our ad salesperson was out of town all week so no sponsor for Week 1.  Week 2 we expect to have a sponsor.  Email us at dunwoodyparent@gmail for sponsorship information.  The going rate is (not in this order necessarily) 1. a large pizza or four hamburgers, 2. beer (any volume will suffice) 3.  beer (any volume will suffice) 4. other food

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