Friday, May 31, 2013

Cobb Schools Looking More Like Gwinnett, DeKalb and Fulton?

The AJC has a piece online about the changing demographics of the metro Atlanta area and its schools.

A few odd statistics jump out.  First, DeKalb adds 480 white students in the schools but loses 13,000 white residents. Perhaps a lot of elderly people left and some young families moved in.  DeKalb also lost 6,000 black students but gained 6,000 Hispanic students. DeKalb is the least diverse (by Race) school district in the metro area at 70% black, 11 % white, 10% Hispanic, but was the only school district studied to show a decrease in black students.

Cobb County Schools lost 32,000 white students, gained 53,000 black and 37,000 Hispanic.  Cobb Schools are now 42% white, 31% black, 17% Hispanic.  

Fulton schools added kids from all races, Hispanic being the biggest group at 7,700 students.  Fulton added slightly more white students than black students.  A large increase of Asian students in Fulton.

Gwinnett hides (or does not show) its demographics on its web page,  Based on one site: 33% white, 27% black, 24% Hispanic, 10% Asian - the most diverse of all metro school districts.

At the recent Georgia GOP meeting the changing demographics of Georgia was discussed.  How will these changes affect schools in future school legislation?  Do these numbers help or hurt the move to create independent school districts?  Will data modify the language, allowing any city, regardless of incorporation date, to create its own district?

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