Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Need Big Sis Sandy Springs to Get What We Want

As Dunwoody parents struggle to gain traction with dual accreditation and questions of influence at the State Capitol surface regarding political pull to get a new school district measure on a State ballot, a glimmer of hope from Sandy Springs.

See the Sandy Springs Patch article HERE.

Mayor Would Side With Potentially Displaced Homeowners' in Fight for New School District

The Fulton County Board of Ed. is considering the relocation of Heards Ferry Elementary to the southern end of Riverside Drive in Sandy Springs. Residents are at risk of eminent domain and neighbors are considering a fight for a new school district.
Seems there is a new elementary school being built in Sandy Springs (SS if part of the Fulton County School District).  Some folks don't like the new location and fear redistricting.  Note: Redistricting of schools is feared in the USA like the Bird Flu is in China.

So what do these Sandy Springs residents threaten if they don't get their way? They will start a movement for a new school district - a north Fulton school district.  It's about time!  This is the key to a Dunwoody school district, as we have mentioned here before.  Dunwoody alone does not have the political power to get it done - we need mad residents in Sandy Springs, Milton, Roswell, and Johns Creek.  These folks have the POWER in Jan, Wendall, etc. 

I expect the Fulton County School District to give these residents what they want - they know the POWER

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