Friday, April 5, 2013

Too slow, No jumpshot, Teacher Fails

Last month the Georgia legislators passed HB 244.  HB244 means that a large part of teacher evaluation will be based on student test scores.  And you thought Teaching to the Test was bad already?

Imagine using this same system for evaluating a gym physical education teacher.

Jimmie enters gym class with very little athletic talent.  He's a great texter, posts to Instagram hourly, and checks in on Facebook every three hours.  But Jimmie can't make a free throw on the basketball court. Jimmie can't run a mile in under nine minutes.  Jimmie can't dodge the dodge ball.  Jimmie can't throw a football.  So the P.E. teacher has Jimmie in class.  Jimmie changes into his T-shirt and polyester gym shorts along with 119 other students at 10:10 AM and walks into the gym.  He awaits instruction from 'Coach".  Coach tries to work a bit with Jimmie, but Jimmie hates gym class and Coach has way too many students. But Coach's job depends on Jimmie being able to make 50% of his free throws.  Coach will be reprimanded if Jimmie can't get a better time in the mile, and Coach may get fired if Jimmie can't do 30 push-ups.

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