Friday, April 26, 2013

Fulton County Hears Sandy Springs Residents Loud and Clear on School Issue

As predicted the Fulton County school system pulled the idea of relocating a Sandy Springs elementary school to Riverside Drive.  Why?  Because some residents starting some chatter about creating a new Sandy Springs or N Fulton school district.  And the folks at the Fulton central office know the POWER of N Fulton legislators can make it happen.

So with the chit chat of a Sandy Springs school district dampened a bit this afternoon, back to the fight here in north DeKalb.  Looks like we may be in this battle alone.  Maybe.  The Sandy Springs folks, with a quick victory under their belt, will begin to wonder how and why the Fulton school system caved so quickly.  Fulton school officials will blame it on sewer lines or expensive street widening, but we know the real reason.

Here's the link to the updated Patch article HERE.

Hopefully the drive for local control is alive and growing in Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Milton, and Johns Creek. 

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