Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Jester and Speaks Did Not Resign from DeKalb School Board

Six members of the DeKalb School Board were recently suspended from the Board. The school board voted to fight this in court.  It is rumored that Jester and Speaks did not vote in favor of hiring lawyers in the Board's defense.  Many people have asked (and criticized) why Jester and Speaks did not simply resign and separate themselves from the others.

The answer is simple - the Board fills all vacancies until next election cycle.

Back when the Board filed suit and and awaited word from a State judge and a Federal judge (the Board withdrew their State case, taking it straight to a Federal judge), Jester and Speaks knew if one of the two judges sided with the Board and those two had resigned, then the remaining Board members would fill Jester and Speaks positions.

Do you want Gene Walker and Sara Coplin Wood picking the representative for District 1 (Dunwoody/Brookhaven area)?  I didn't think so.  Now you know why Jester and Speaks did not resign. 

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Bob Lundsten said...

Public comments are BACK !
You comment on my blog that school fights are more intersting than zoning fights.
At the level we are talking now you are absolutley correct.