Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Signs Greet Teachers & Walkers in Dunwoody

Today is Walk-to-School Day.  For those of us who carried a metal lunch box to school and to the Old-Timer who walked uphill both ways to school, a day set aside to walk to school seems odd.  But nowadays most kids don't walk to school.  But with the large-capacity elementary schools being built, kids are attending school further from home than in years past. 

A group of people put up signs in the early morning hours - when those snowflakes were falling.  The signs are simple yet send a great message.  The signs show thanks to the school teachers.

The signs were placed by the new non-profit that hosted Sunday's public forum.   The signs were donated by Heyward Wescott, owner of Custom Signs Today.       DunwoodyParents.Org

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