Saturday, March 2, 2013

Improving Public Education in Dunwoody Meeting

Kingswood United Methodist Church Sanctuary
Sunday, March 3, 2013
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Dunwoody residents interested in improving the quality of education in Dunwoody schools will share information on accreditation, legislative efforts, alternatives to the current public school district, and potential actions. The presentation will feature representatives from city and state government, local public education advocates, and a discussion session for participants to share their ideas and concerns.


Thanks  to the people putting together this forum.  I am not sure the identities of all the people working on this particular forum, but I do know Donna Nall is one. Donna Nall is a class-act.  We first met, by email, a few years ago.  No need to go into details about our first 'meeting', but it involved a fresh-water canal, a manatee, boat rides in the canal, a playground, zoning, and an off-and-on underground spring.  That's all water under the canal bridge now and we are on common ground.  I do wish she and Lisa would grant me permission to run that photo of the women in the canal boat.  It was one of the blog's best images.  It was right up there with our review of the Northchase Apartment House of Nachos Mexican restaurant (I will repost that review later, I found it on )

So on Sunday March 3rd a bunch of Dunwoody residents will gather to discuss schools.  Hopefully this accreditation issue has gotten the attention of a few people.  Like any other issue in Dunwoody, the same 100 or so people have been heavily involved with schools.  A few come in to the mix and a few leave every year.  But we really need a few thousand people in this effort.

Please know Tom Taylor's Bill in the GA House is a good one.  He worked hard on the Bill, but is is an uphill battle; perhaps a bigger battle than becoming a city.  Representative Taylor needs 120 votes to get this thing done.  Please ask Tom Taylor what YOU can do to help.  But please folks, don't put more than three of your dozen eggs in this basket. I am still committed to the Tom Taylor life-sized statue should this thing pass, but odds are against it right now.  Even with all the hype across the State with Dr. Walker and this and that, others in the State could care less. 

The Parent Trigger Bill, put forth by Majority Whip Ed Lindsey, is another glimmer of hope.  But unfortunately this Bill has been watered down recently.  The Bill needs to be changed to add more teeth to do Dunwoody and other desperate areas of DeKalb (and the entire State of Georgia) any good.  We hear Representative Lindsey has some peeps who read this blog, so please pass the word that the Bill needs strengthened to be of any value to people outside of Fulton County.  Perhaps you can put three of your dozen eggs in this basket.

Next up in the portfolio is the Dan Weber Dunwoody Cluster plan.  Place three eggs of your dozen in this basket.  I will not attempt to describe this plan, but it involves us (Dunwoody taxpayers) paying DeKalb School System an annual fee to break away into a Dunwoody Cluster.  If someone with more knowledge of this plan wants to post something here, send it over.

So those of you keeping track know you have three eggs of your dozen remaining.  What basket?  Well, those are for throwing.

And finally, I saw a few snowflakes falling to the ground today.  Here are a few snow pictures of years gone by:

A hidden gem in Dunwoody, canal rides, just off Mt Vernon Rd

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